Thursday morning

Well it is definitely sub zero this morning but none of the white stuff yet.  We had a relatively successful shopping expedition yesterday until we got to Tesco at around 11.30 it was absolute chaos.  We drove into the car-park and found not a single space so we drove straight back out again.  There was nothing urgent that I needed so this morning I am going to hit the place early.  I intend to be there by 5am which should see the car-park empty but for the night shelf stocking staff.  I am hoping I can whistle through and get home in time for breakfast and probably before Mike is out of bed.  With that in mind this will be a short missive typed as I slosh down a cup of hot coffee before I go and defrost the car.  Some times there are advantages to getting out of bed at this ungodly hour.

Well it is now 6am and I am back from the shops and have driven round to a friend to hand deliver a birthday card.  Shopping in Tesco at this early hour is quite fun as it is a bit of an obstacle course with all the shelf stockers in full swing.  I have unloaded the car and dumped the shopping in my huge walk in fridge or garage.  I can now take my time putting things away after I have had more coffee and warmed up a bit.  The roads had all been gritted over night and though there was a little snow around it was not on the roads.   However, having once spun a car on black ice I drove very gingerly and took no chances.
The dogs are in a state of total confusion and don't know if it is morning or night they are such creatures of habit it throws them completely if you alter their routine.

I think that is my bulk shopping done all I have to do now is collect my meat from the butcher on 23 the fresh vegetables are being deliver on Tuesday.
We had a rather splendid lunch yesterday as I had stuffed the pheasant breast and poached them then served in a cream and mushroom sauce together with some buttered Swiss chard.  Today I have planned a risotto and a beautiful monk fish tail I got from the fishmonger yesterday.  I also bought a bag peppers for a £1 at the Faversham shop, they sell off things which are close to the edge in £1 bags..  I immediately put them in a hot oven then skinned them and have sunk them under oil in a jam jar - they will be nice with the cold turkey on boxing day.
OK now I have replenished my caffeine levels and have warmed through it is time to make a start on putting the stuff away, now this I really hate doing!!!!!!

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