Thursday morning

This photo is of my lovely rechargeable flickering tea lights in three colours - a difficult photo to take as the flash wipes out the flames.  They look very realistic but are completely safe and will last 12 hours on one charge.  Buried in some greenery they should make a nice decoration.
Yesterday was a long slog starting with the pheasants which are now made into jarred pate with venison and pork and brandy.  I have kept a few breasts for separate meals - then I made up some pheasant pies which are now in the freezer.  For lunch we had some of the hare pate and crusty bread which was easy as we had the dining room in uproar with the man steam cleaning the carpet.  It looks brilliant this morning so I am delighted.  It cost me £34 to have both the dining room and the hall done.  I asked what the full price would have been and was quoted £55 which seems very reasonable so I may be having it done again next year.  We moved back just the essentials last evening and today the rest of the bits and pieces will be moved back in.  I have a dirt trapping mat by the patio doors which got put through the washing machine as did the vet bed from Basso's crate the bottom of which is lined with lino so that got a good wash also.  Fortunately the crate folds up for transport but it weighs a ton and I can only just lift it.  He was quite distressed not to have his crate as it is his personal den where he feels safe and secure and his brothers cannot harass him.  If you give him anything good to eat, like a carrot, he immediately heads for his crate where he can take his time and eat it at his leisure.
Today we are off on our shopping trip and my list seems to be getting longer and longer but once it is done I will feel happy especially as the bad weather is headed this way.  At present we are a positively balmy 4.2 degrees but the cold air is on its way so I am making contingency plans for more snow and ice.
I have heard nothing about my gun and am so tempted to ring and find out how things are going but I know I must be patient and just wait. Not easy for me!!!!! Hopefully next week some time I should hear when it will be ready to pick up.  Shiona is due to drive up to Scotland today - I must admit I don't envy her the journey especially looking at the weather forecast.  She has a house on Loch Fyne which her elderly mother is using at the moment and she always spends Christmas and new year with her and her other relatives.
Well that's it for today have a good one and enjoy the last of the warm weather!!!!!
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