Thursday morning

Only seriously mad people would consider going shooting in the sub zero temperatures so you will know that we did go.  They had managed to clear the grounds paths with a JCB and had tipped tons of salt and grit so it was not to treacherous given that it is a steep sided old gravel pit.  Now this is what you really want to know.  How did I shoot with the new gun arrangement?  My final score was 2 shots behind Jeff so I am a chuffed as ninepence and my wellie boot socks kept my feet from freezing.  We gave Mike a call as we left so that he could put the oven on and while the guns were cleaned the chicken pie developed a burnished gold crust.  Oh god I sound like Nigella!!!! pity I don't look like her.  Anyway the pie was demolished in moments and the polenta cake made a nice dessert then a good hot coffee and we were all happy warm content.  Needless to say supper was a piece of toast and some baked beans and I was off to bed tired but content.
Today we are off to the dentist in Maidstone for the usual six monthly check up then it is on to a very nice pub in Pembury [near Tunbridge Wells] for lunch and on to the gunsmith to have the alterations made permanent.  This will involve completely rebuilding the stock but he is hopeful that I might get it back just this side of Christmas.  I can't wait!!!!  As we are lunching out I think supper tonight might be just a bowl of soup - I fancy butternut and red pepper but I need to get in the kitchen and make it.
It is still perishing cold here at -1 degree but the sky looks clear and though we did have a couple of flurries of snow yesterday none of it settled.
Shiona has rearranged her hair appointment that was cancelled due to the snow so she is coming to stay with us on Saturday night as her appointment is on SUNDAY at 11am.  I have already warned her that I will be in no fit state to cook supper and have arranged mince and potatoes which will just need reheating.  I am usually pretty pole axed after a day in the field picking up.  Anyway, she is a pretty competent cook so I have no worries and know she will take over so I don't need to worry.  The 5 dogs get on very well so it should run smoothly.  I will have to think of something for lunch on Sunday but as yet I haven't given it a thought.  I have Len and Margaret for lunch on Friday to organise first and I think a trout flan is on the menu but that too will need making.  So I had better get my act together and make a start........Have a good one and may all your clays be powdered!!!
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