Thursday and still snowing

I am so glad I spent time shovelling snow yesterday to clear the paths - you would never know, it has all been obliterated in with a fresh fall of snow.  The forecast has warned us of another 20cm today so I think I will just forget the paths.  I though I would have a game with Basso and throw his pretend pheasant for him to find but unfortunately it buried itself in the snow and he got soaked digging it out - not a very good idea.  So I though snow balls might amuse him, the other dogs like it but he just looked at me with a hurt expression and wondered why I was throwing things at him.  It looks less and less likely that the shoot on Saturday will be a goer and I am wondering if Shiona will make it from Goudhurst on Friday.

We have been house bound for the last couple of days but I think we may venture out today as I have a fairly long shopping list.  None of it essential but stuff I could use to get ahead for Christmas.  Yesterday I did a tub of glazed carrots and some peas with bacon and onion both of which can be frozen for the big day.  The orange peel has had its 12 hours drying and can now be dipped in chocolate and then left to set.  I would really like to get the stuffing, pigs in blankets, and gravy done then there will be very little to do on the day. I also need to make some sweet pastry for mince pies, the mince meat will have to be shop bought as I haven't made any this year. The syrup that the orange peel was cooked in is nice so I have saved it and will mix it with some cranberry juice and gelatine to make some jellies for dessert on boxing day.  We have been invited out to lunch on Sunday but even that is looking dubious with the current freezing situation as the friends live at the top of a very steep hill.  So I think I will have to have a contingency menu in mind!!!
Today we are going to have one of the rabbit pies from the freezer with leeks for lunch and sausage sandwiches for supper so not much to prepare.  I will also need to do some laundry as the pile is getting unmanageable but I think the tumble dryer will be pressed into service as I don't fancy it all dangling around the house.
Well that's about it for today stay safe and warm

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