Sunday morning

What a day we had yesterday!!!  The drive to the shoot was uneventful and though there was a little snow around the roads had been gritted and the motorway was clear.  The shoot was set for 7 drives 5 in the morning then 2 after lunch well it didn't turn out that way.  Basso completely blotted his copy book on the fist drive when he stole a partridge and ate it for breakfast which meant that he spent the rest of the shoot on the lead and was not allowed to pick up any further birds.  By the end of the 4th drive it had begun to snow and I rang Mike to see what the score was at home.  He was getting concerned as the snow was falling fast and beginning to settle.  I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and and made my way back to my car.  The drive home was pretty horrendous with traffic on the motorway down to a crawl as visibility was next to nothing.  Getting off on the slip road was an act of faith as there was nothing to indicate the turning.  As I got closer to civilisation so I got mangled in the traffic which was all struggling.  The ABS brakes were put to good use and I put the car into snow mode which prevents you from accelerating or breaking too fast, the car just takes over and does everything smoothly.  Mike was standing in the porch with the camera as I drew up - he was obviously very anxious - and better still he had made me a plate of fish fingers for lunch which I devoured followed by my sandwich and flask of tea.  Eventually, the snow stopped falling and we were left with about 6 inches and the whole place looking like fairy land.   I don't know what I am going to do with Basso as this could spell the death of his picking up career.  I am hoping that some intensive training between now and the next shoot in January might help but we will have to see how he does. When I spoke to Sandi she too had had a rough journey home and she only lives a short distance away so I was pleased that I had decided to leave when I did.
Today is going to be a snow shovelling day as already the dogs are making a hard packed track up the garden and I need the same path to reach the chickens, but first I must dig myself a path to the garage to get to the freezer.  I have a leg of lamb tucked in the fridge which will be lunch for today and hopefully a nice shepherds pie for tomorrow.  According to the forecast we are due for more now later in the week but today looks as if it might be clear.  I must admit that I will be very happy to stay at home today as I had quite enough excitement yesterday to last me for some time.
I watched "strictly" last night and was delighted with the result, I feel the best dancer actually won.  Oh wouldn't it be wonderful to dance like that!!! The fact that Pamela made it so far gives hope to us old crocks with creaking bones.
I must admit I feel about 100 this morning so I am going to take it gently with the snow shovelling and do it in dribs and drabs.  However I am pleased to announce that my layered approach to cold worked really well and I never got cold despite standing in the biting wind.  I don't think I would have won any fashion show but who cares I was all nice and snug.
Have a good day all and stay nice and warm.

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