Sunday morning

It is Sunday but only just, half past three is a very silly time to be awake but I have slept for 7 hours.  Both Basso and I were totally pole axed after the days shoot - If I walked a thousand miles he must have done 7 and at full tilt.  The shoot was quite good with a bag of 65 and I had an opportunity to have a nice chat with the game keeper.  Apparently the national average for birds shot is only 33% Some are lost through natural predation but even so that leaves a fair few survivors.  Basso did his fair share of retrieving and behaved extremely well - he is really getting the hang of this game now.  He is a bit of a pain for the first few drives as he is inclined to whine with excitement and can't wait to get going but as the day wears on he settles down. The guns are beginning to recognise him now and call him the "big Italian cappuccino", but he looks more like an espresso this morning as he has brought home a considerable quantity of the field.  He has handed in his earnings to Mike for his "leg over", fund and after consulting with his union rep it has been decided that he should be paid for last week as it was not his fault that the weather was against us and he shouldn't loose a days pay because of it.  We have two beautiful cock pheasants hanging in the garage so all in all it was a very successful if tiring day.  I was so glad I had made the mince ready for supper and Mike had peeled some potatoes so all I had to do was turn a few knobs and supper was ready.  Then I was off to bed but not before putting my filthy clothes in to soak.

The kitchen looks a bit of a mess this morning but I can slowly potter through and clear it up at my leisure.  Lunch is all but done as I made some meat balls earlier in the week and today all I need to do is boil some pasta and make a tomato sauce so not too taxing.  I'm glad to say that at least I am not stiff this morning so I must be getting fitter, never the less a long hot soak is definitely on the cards and Basso is in for a good stiff brushing but don't tell him as he hates it...

I am hoping that Shiona will drop off some of my DVD's that she has had on loan as this will be the last opportunity before she heads up to Scotland for the holidays.  I must admit given the weather conditions I really don't envy her.

Well that's about it for this morning have a nice peaceful Sunday and brace yourselves for the next cold snap which is due next week!!!!
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