Sunday morning and damp

Despite plenty of rain yesterday and a positively balmy 4 degrees we still have a covering of snow.  However it is going, all be it slowly.  Yesterday morning we resolved to get some shopping done and were out of the house by 9am which is just as well as we were not the only ones with this idea.  We managed to get round M&S so I am now restocked with underwear and then it was on to Sainsbury which was some what depleted, the bread department looked as if it had been attacked by locusts.  Anyway, we managed to get all the items on the list and a few more besides.  I now have all the ingredients I need to make the Christmas goodies that can be made ahead of schedule so that will keep me occupied in the coming week.
By the time we were finished the whole place was heaving and the car park completely full.  Unloading the car was fun as we still had heaps of snow to tramp through so as I ferried stuff from the car Mike took it in an dumped it so that when I finally took my wellies off I could then move on to the next stage of putting it all away.  Then it was back on with the wellies and off to the garage with stuff for the freezer and overflow fridge.  I must admit this is the bit of shopping that I hate most it always seems to take me ages.
I bought 2 chickens which were at half price and I have had them in brine over night and today they will get roast for lunch then there will be plenty of left over cold chicken to play with and carcasses to make soup with.  I will also make the base gravy for the Christmas lunch so all I will need to do is add the pan juices and it will be done.
I felt gutted that I had missed the shoot so I rang Sandi to find out how it had gone.  She was delighted with her dog who is coming into his own and working really well for her and she was kind enough to say that we had been missed so, a special effort next Saturday and we will be there.  Basso and I have been practising as best we can in the garden and today I will get him out for a decent run as he is going a bit stir crazy as am I.  Once the birds are in the oven we can set out and have our run while they roast then I can do the veg when I return if it is all prepared.  Having the main meal in the middle of the day really messes things up for timing but Mike likes it that way so, hey ho, that is what we do....
The hens could do with a good clean out today as last week was just a case of keeping them fed and watered.  I was pleased that their water only froze once and each morning I took them some warm water which stayed liquid.  Once the green house had a complete overcoat of snow it seemed to stay nice and warm rather like an igloo I suppose.
Now I am off to prepare the bits for lunch so all I need to do is turn a few knobs later on.  I also have one corner of the crossword puzzle to complete which will take a bit of research....Have a good day all
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