Saturday morning

Well the white stuff fell for a couple of hours yesterday lunch time and has left about an inch.  It is well below freezing and the thermometer on the house wall is reading -3 so I guess it is probably a couple of degrees below that.  As some point I am going to have to make the decision as to whether I am going to go to the shoot.  I don't want to be whimp and bottle out but I also need to be sensible.  The thought of standing around in a field in these temperatures doesn't fill me with joy but I know that Basso will love every minute of it.  I suppose if I dress up well with multiple layers then I should be all right.  The weather forecast is not good, the morning looks OK, but come the afternoon the snow is due to fall in large quantities. I suppose there is one saving grace and that is with the ground frozen there will not be too much mud which should make walking easier.  Basso was trying to tell me he wanted to go as yesterday he kept bringing me things that had fallen on the floor.  He delivered me a tea towel and a wellie boot sock so if I can get him out to pick up a bird or two I think he will be very pleased.
While we were out on our trip to the shop in Faversham I took Mike to see the farm where the shoot takes place so he now has a better idea of what we are up against.  There is a very steep hill down to the farm which is the only part of the journey that I am concerned about the rest is is on main roads and motor ways so it should all have been gritted.
With the weather so grotty yesterday I spent some time in the kitchen stripping out shelves and cleaning the cooker hood which seems to get filthy in the blink of an eye.  I have 4 pretty small copper pans which are on display but they will need some polishing which is job I could well do without but they do look gorgeous once they are done.  Perhaps I should take some before and after pictures to remind myself that the work is worth doing!!!

I popped in to see an elderly neighbour who I admire enormously she is in her late 80's but is still a busy person she attends art classes and flower arranging and runs a large house.  She has 4 children one of whom is unmarried and lives with her so she still cooks him a meal for when he comes in from work.  Her mind is sharp as a razor and she keeps up to date with all that is going on in the world and always has an opinion she is willing to share which makes conversation interesting.  Her husband was a diplomat so she has lived all over the world and sampled many different cultures.  I only hope that I can keep going as well as she has....

Well I think I will sit and polish the pans while a make up my mind what to do about the shoot - I think I will attempt it but if it proves too much or too cold I can always come home.  Have a good day and try to stay warm......Please tell me it was worth the polishing!!!!

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