Saturday morning

Well what crazy weather we are having this morning it is hosing down with rain and blowing a force 9 ...Yesterday I spent some time getting the snow off the path outside the front door and then I tackled the car and got that cleared then ran the engine for a little to melt the ice off the windows and finally drove it backward and forward a few yards to make and escape run.  Then it was a walk up the road to the shops for milk.  I decided to take Basso as he was going stir crazy being cooped up with all this snow but no sooner than we reached the gritted part of the road than he started limping and worrying at his feet.  Then I realised that the salt must be stinging his little paws..he has no wellies you know!!!  so I had to stand him in the fresh snow from time to time.  I was a little concerned that if he pulled I might be in trouble with the ice but he seemed to understand and walked very nicely.  We were stopped by a family who were shopping but the kids were desperate cuddle Basso and find out what sort of dog he is.  They spent so much time chatting that they missed their bus home, of course Basso will take any amount fondling and admiration.  Mike was obviously concerned about us as he was stood in the porch watching us as we returned ladened with goodies.
By this time I was very ready for my mince and potatoes which I devoured with gusto and then went and crashed out in bed and slept for a good couple of hours.  Nothing like a bit of snow clearing to build up the appetite.
I am sad that I will miss the shoot today but given that my feet were frozen in minutes the thought of a full day standing in the snow and rain is not so appealing.  Our neighbours who were on holiday in Wales managed to make it almost home before they hit problems - jack-knifed lorries on the exit slip road so they had to drive on to the next junction and then double back on the side roads.  Fortunately they have a Landrover so they well able to negotiate the snowy roads.  I had been keeping them updated with conditions via text messages and advised them of the hills up onto the north downs that were closed.
With all this rain we are going to have real trouble if it freezes overnight and although we have a couple of days with temperatures above zero it is destined to turn cold again next week.  Mike and I are going to hit the shops today and restock so we will be OK if we are marooned again next week.
The biggest problem for us has been "cabin fever" it gets very boring being confined to barracks for days on end.  You don't realise how much you miss just a dog walk or a trip to the shops until you can't do either.

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