Saturday morning and a roasting 5 degrees

After the bitter cold of the last couple of weeks 5 degrees feels like summer.  I must admit I am delighted as standing around for the shoot today will not be quite as onerous as I first thought.  However, for some unknown reason I am terribly anxious about today, I woke just before 4 in a cold sweat of panic.  Why?  I have no idea.  I really could have used a couple more hours sleep but once my mind switches on and starts working there is no chance.
Yesterday was successful, with the lunch for Len and Margaret going down very well, they are nice easy people to feed and always appreciative so a pleasure to cook for.  I packaged up a parcel which needed posting so Margaret and I and the three dogs had a walk up to the post office.  It was useful to have Margaret with me as it meant she could hang on to the dogs while I did the posting.  I am loathed to tie the dog outside a shop as there have been a spate of dog thefts in the area lately.  Interestingly we had to walk up the middle of the road as the pavements are still too icy to be safe.  With this in mind I got the snow shovel out and cleared the hard packed ice between the house and the green house where the chickens are.  My fear was that we might end up with a fresh fall of snow on top of the ice which would make it a death trap and I really don't need a broken leg for Christmas.  Anyway, the shovelling must have burnt a few calories if nothing else.  According to the long range weather forecast we are in for more very cold weather and more snow so I am taking no chances.
The guys from Landrover turned up at 8.30 to take the car away and do some bits and pieces with the brakes and returned it back at about 4pm with a tin of boiled sweets instead of flowers this time.  It is amazing how this helps you feel good about them, it is such a little thing but pleasing none the less.
My major problem is deciding what to wear today as if I get it wrong I am kind of stuck with it.  I don't want to be either too hot or too cold so it is going to be a bit of a juggling act to get it right.  Then there is the footwear issue do I wear my leather boots which are warmer but a pain to clean if they get caked in mud or the Wellies and the new wellie socks and then there is the hat with or without ear flaps oh decisions decisions!!!!!  the only saving grace is that it really doesn't matter what you look like so long as you are comfortable.  I have already cooked some mince for supper tonight so all Mike has to do is to peel a few spuds.  This means I can collapse in a heap when we get home.  Basso eats his supper and runs straight into his crate and crashes out and doesn't move again until the following morning.  I think he has the right idea!!!
Anyway time I went and made my sandwiches and flask and start to gather my bits and pieces so I can be away promptly at 8am.  I don't bother with breakfast but do eat one of my 2 rounds of sandwiches as soon as I arrive which keeps me going until lunch when I have the second round.  I usually pack a few biscuits for Basso to have a lunch time but he seldom eats anything except the crust of my bread and some water which I also need to take.  Drinking needs to be kept to a minimum as there are no facilities - not a problem for the blokes and dogs but us ladies can run into difficulties.....
Have a good day and enjoy the balmy weather if you have it - it won't last!!!!!

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