Yesterday ticked along fairly well and I got to grips with some of the cleaning that needed doing.  I have a panelled glass door in the dining room which gets very heavily slobbered but is a real pain to clean as each individual panel has to be done on both sides which means you never seem to get rid of the smears.  the kitchen cupboards also got a bit of a birthday but the kick-board will have to wait until I do the floor.
Shiona arrived with my DVD's but she was not happy as the arrangement to do her hair on Sunday had misfired and the shop was closed.  There must have been some mal-communication somewhere along the line.  Anyway we topped her up with coffee and commiserated then wished her a happy Christmas as we will not see her again until after the holidays as she will be up in Scotland.
I spent quite some time trying to get Basso's coat sorted out he had burs deeply buried in very awkward places which in the end I removed with scissors and finally to get the mud from between his toes I had to dunk his feet in a bucket of water.  This was no easy task as he was most uncooperative until he realised that I was not going to plunge his feet in boiling water.  Once the first foot was done the rest were a piece of cake.  As my carpet is due to be shampooed on Wednesday I am trying to work out a system of getting a muddy dog back in the house without having to run over the freshly cleaned carpet.  So I think I will have to set up a paw washing bucket in the garage then keep him in the kitchen until he has dried off a bit.  However looking at the weather I may not need any of it as it is likely to be subzero and the ground frozen solid if not covered in snow....
We had the meat balls and spaghetti for lunch and for supper I made some bubble and squeak with the left over potatoes and cabbage.  The just as I settled down to my evening viewing the phone rang and it was James to tell me that his boiler had blown up - sufficiently dramatically to call out both the gas board and the fire brigade.  Why do these things always happen just before Christmas and late on a Sunday night.  Anyway, he will find out today what is to happen regarding the boiler as there is some dispute as to who is responsible for it.  In the end I know who will be paying for the repairs!!!!  Let's hope it can be done before the temperatures drop like a stone.
I spent some time yesterday making a menu which will last us until Christmas day so at least I don't have to think what to have each day.  I have included the two pheasants which need to hang until Wednesday so that will get rid of those.  Today we are due for toad in the hole for lunch and baked potato for supper not very imaginative but easy to accomplish.  I can see that we may have to make a trip up to London at some point to sort out this boiler problem so I am not planning anything until I know what is going on.  As it happens I would quite like a trip to the oriental super market so maybe we can kill two birds with one stone.
On that happy note I will now go and get some sausages out of the freezer, make some batter and part cook the spuds in the microwave to be finished off in the oven this evening.

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