Monday morning

The paparazzi were out in force yesterday and managed to snap this photo of me in my glorious outfit shovelling a path through the snow.  I manage to clear a path right up to the chickens when I noticed that there were lots of dog like prints in the snow.  Well it was not my dogs so it can only have been foxes.  I then spotted something in the middle of the vegetable garden and when I got closer I saw it was the rat trap with rat which the foxes must have dragged around trying to extricate the it.  Well they were not the only ones who were unable to get it out of the trap I couldn't shift it either as it was all frozen solid so I have left it in the middle of the shed floor to defrost at which point I will be able to remove the offending rat.  I don't expect this to be any time soon as it has been under zero all day and is now -3.  We had a little more snow yesterday just enough to give my newly cleared paths an icing sugar dusting so nothing significant.  Once the back was cleared I paid some attention to the front and cleared a path from the front door to the pavement then across to the car.  Mike has an appointment with the nurse at 4 this afternoon so if we don't have any more snow he should be able to get to the car safely.  By the time we got to lunch I was ready to eat a horse.  Working hard in the cold certainly gives you an appetite and I got stuck in to the roast lamb with gusto. The left overs are destined to be a nice shepherds pie for today when I get round to making it.

I practised with Basso yesterday and got him to hold a carrot [one of his favourite things to eat] and then  give it to me on command which he did faultlessly.  Today I may try to see if he will retrieve a carrot and then let me have it but I will need him close as if he shows any sign of eating it I will need to discipline him.  I am hoping that this will show him that even though the item is edible you still need to hand it in and there will be a reward!!!!! but failure will turn your life to pants instantly.  He is absolutely besotted by the snow and spends ages in the garden then comes in with his feet covered in snow and soaks the kitchen floor and the newly shampooed carpet.  I keep telling myself it is only water and not mud!!!!

Today I will need take a trip to the post box as I have at last got all the documentation for our solar panels and can send it off to British Gas so we can be paid the feed in tariff.  The company apologised for the delay and paid us £25 for the generated electricity plus £20 in M&S vouchers to compensate for the delay.   Needless to say we are not generating much at the moment even though the panels do shed the snow at intervals, when it comes crashing down in large quantities right outside the back door.  According to the weather forecast we are due for more snow today and tomorrow so fingers crossed that not too much comes down or I will need to go a shovelling yet again.
Well that about it I am off to fry the onions and peel the potatoes - the peeling then get cooked for the chickens so it is good to get it done early and cooled down before I go and feed them.  Have a good day and stay safe and warm.......
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