Monday morning

Yesterday saw me out with the dogs for a nice run for the fist time in a week.  The walking was a little treacherous with the snow/ice still on the paths but it was great to get out and get a breath of fresh air.  Then it was on with the cooking, I roasted the 2 chickens for lunch and we ate the legs and thighs for lunch and supper but the rest is awaiting dealing with.  I also made the pigs in blankets and stuffing so that is all ready to go in the freezer. I also made a nice beef skirt stew in the slow cooker while I was at it. While chatting with my chef friend he told me of an interesting way of doing pig in duvets.  Take a small baking potato and run an apple corer through the middle then insert a sausage and bake, sounds like fun I must give it a go some time...
Today, I would like to get the gravy and the cranberry sauce done which will only leave me the bird and the potatoes to do.  I brined the chickens to good effect so I think the turkey will also get brined in an effort to keep it moist which is particularly important as we will be having it cold on boxing day.
I also had a bit of a splurge on the internet at Lakeland, I needed to stock up on tin foil and a few other bits and bobs I also invested in something I have been hankering for for some time.  A cake plate, I don't have a flat cake plate and this causes me problems when serving cake and tarts so now I will have one at last.
Confession time, no I still haven't done the wardrobe but I have made a start with the underwear draw and booted out all the old pants and bras that are beyond redemption.  It always feel good to see the draw neatly filled with new underwear but I know it will not be long before I have turned it into chaos, a particular skill of mine!!!!!  I think I was was born without the tidy gene, while I do like to see order I don't like creating it.
Shiona rang to ask if we could go shooting on Wednesday as she too has been marooned for a week and is suffering cabin fever. She can also return my Thermos flask which I will need for Saturday. I would be pleased to get out and give my gun another try before I decide to have the alterations made permanent.  I will ring Jeff today and see if he would like to join us and if his car is back and mended.  He had a starter motor failure during all the snow and of course had difficulties getting it to a garage for repair.  Things never seem to break at convenient moments!!! perhaps there are none...
According to the weather forecast we are in for some sub zero temperatures but there is no more snow in the immediate future.  Now to tackle the chickens and get the stock pot on the go.  I'm not sure what to do with the chicken breasts but think they will probably end up as a pie filling with some cream, tarragon and mushrooms with either a potato or pastry crust, or possibly served with some noodles or rice.  I think there should be sufficient for a shooting lunch for the four of us.
Well that's it for this morning onward and upward.......

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