Monday and clearing up day

James and I took all the dogs for a nice walk round the rugby field but it was very dangerous in some places where the compacted snow had turned to sheet ice.  Our pavements are like this and completely lethal so people are walking in the road.  Good job I took the time to clear a path in the garden to get to the hens.  Len and Margaret came for lunch yesterday and helped to reduce the big pile of left overs.  I just put all the meat on platters in the kitchen and everyone went and helped themselves.  The only cooking I had to do was to make a big tray of roast potatoes and toss a salad.  I had a bit of a spend up in the morning and bought us a Nintendo wii reduced in the sale and quick before the VAT goes up.  I also bought some new pillow cases and some tumblers from Nisbet - as they supply hotels they do some very good deals.  Cotton Percale Pillowcase. Oxford Style. 100% Percale cotton pack of 10 = £31.60 including VAT postage next day and free.  As all my bedding is simple white stuff I don't have problems matching. Nip and Tuc went home with Len and Margaret for a weeks holiday and are coming back for New Years day when we are having a big lunch with my friend Mary and then a Bridge tournament in the afternoon.  I intend to go to the shops and buy a nice piece of pork at reduced price as they always have it on offer after Christmas. 
Today James is off home but not before I have made a few pies.  The beef is going to make cottage pie and the turkey, ham, mushrooms and cream will make make a nice pie filling.  For lunch we will have the left over stuffing which is more like a terrine and some bubble and squeak - The beef bones have made some wonderful stock and today the pot will go on with turkey bones to make yet more stock/broth, a mug of which will make a nice gentle supper for Mike and I.  Mike is definitely several degrees under and coughing well so I think a little gentle food will be good for him.  I must admit that I am feeling pretty shattered but very content that all went according to plan.  I hope to send James off with plenty of grub to put in his freezer to see him through the next few days.  With all this to do I had better get peeling the potatoes - the chickens will do well with all the peelings......

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