Friday morning

Here is a story to gladden the heart, I got a panic phone call from Len and Margaret yesterday as they had lost their central heating, they had called out the boiler man but he warned them that if a part was needed then it could be a while before they got it mended.  They were looking for alternative means of heating and wondered if we could help.  As luck would have it, buried deep in the far end shed, there was a valour gas fire which worked on bottled gas.  It had been sat there waiting for just such an emergency for the last ten years.  I had rescued it from my Dad's garage where he had used it to keep off the chill when working on engines.  I was not hopeful that it would still be operational and felt sure they would need to buy some gas but they were welcome to try it.  Their plumber was not due until late afternoon so in the mean time I went to have a look at it and extricate it from the rest of the rubbish piled in the corner.  To my surprise it had a gas bottle in it so I turned it on but could hear nothing and assumed it must be empty - then I got a whiff of gas smell so I tried the lighting sequence and would you believe - it burst into life.  Of course, this meant that the plumber just bled a few radiators and relit the boiler and everything was fine.  Something to do with sods law I think.  There is something to be said for old simple technology.

The visit to the dentist was uneventful and I guess my teeth will last another six months then it was off to the pub for an unremarkable lunch and on to the gunsmith.  He remeasured me with the gun and is now happy to rebuild the stock and I am hopeful that I might get it back before Christmas.  It's funny but I feel strangely naked without it and can't wait for it to be done so I can get out and try it.
On our return journey we swung by Tesco and picked up a few bits and bobs that I needed for lunch today.  Shiona has cancelled her visit as she had forgotten that she too had a visitor so could not come to stay.  Good job I had not made any preparations yet.

While we were out on our jaunt I took the dogs for a walk in some lovely woodland which was all still snowy.  They have used fallen trees to line the edges of the paths and when I looked ahead I saw Basso sitting on one of the logs, for a moment I was perplexed, then I realised he was using it as a toilet - you can see it is a very up market park that provided sit-down toilets for dogs.  I only wish I had had my camera with me, what a picture that would have made.

The soup I had intended for last nights supper didn't get eaten so it will make a good first course for lunch today with the addition of some croutons.  The trout is poached and spring onions fried so all I have left to do is to make the pastry shell and the flan is ready for the oven.  I ran up a couple of cranberry and orange jellies for dessert which are a bit bland but will be OK with a splash of cream.
The car is being picked up at 8.30 this morning.  Apparently there is a recall for something or another not sure what but with any luck they will clean it while they have it which should get rid of the salt.  Other than providing lunch I am going to try to have a restful day so that I have a bit of energy in store for tomorrows shoot.  I now have my Thermos back so at least I will get a hot drink at midday to keep me going in the afternoon.  The things I do just so that Basso can earn his pocket money!!!!!!
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