Friday morning and the year draws to a close

A lovely bunch of yellow roses - a gift from Mary who has come to stay for new year.
Yesterday started with a bit of a drama Margaret rang to say that Tuc was unwell and she was worried so as soon as we had seen Jane into the house we dashed off to go and pick the dogs up.  When we arrived Tuc was sitting forlornly in his bed and didn't even bother to come and greet us.  I ran my hands over him and discovered that his belly was blown up like a balloon  so my thoughts were that he probably had belly ache.  Anyway we took them home and Tuc sat for a while in his bed then eventually went for a sortie in the garden where he duly unloaded!!!! and hey presto he was cured.  I think he was suffering from a common Christmas illness "overindulgence" anyway a supper of plain boiled rice and the same again for breakfast this morning should see his pipes cleaned out.  Mary arrived at about 1pm just in time for a lunch of trout quiche and salad.  We then went off in search of some wool as she is knitting waist coats at the moment and has had an order from some golfing friends.  Knitting and craft shops are not as plentiful as they used to be but we do have a real Aladdin's cave of a shop in the next village so we set off in search of the wool and I am pleased to say were successful in getting what was required.
The goulash we had for supper was a great success and second helping were had all round.  By this time I was pretty knackered after my early start and no afternoon siesta so I put Mike and Mary to watch a DVD as there was nothing on the TV and I cleared up and went off to bed.
I must admit I feel considerably better this morning - we are hoping to get out with the dogs for a bit of a run and I would like to fit in a training session with Basso for which I really need another person so Mary has volunteered.  The two meals I have planned for today are chicken in egg and breadcrumbs and a risotto with scallops and prawns but I am not sure which to have for lunch and which to have for supper.  If I get both prepared then we can make the decision once we have had breakfast.  I also need to make a quantity of brine ready to soak the piece of pork for tomorrow.  It weighs 8 lbs so will need 8 hours soaking. and 3.5 hours cooking so a time plan is necessary.  The vegetables are all cooked and frozen with the exception of the parsnips and roast potatoes so there is not much else to do tomorrow and I can spend some time socialising instead of in the kitchen.
The Nintendo didn't turn up yesterday so I am hopeful that it may be coming today and it looks like my gun will also be ready either today or tomorrow so we will have to take a trip over to Tunbridge Wells and collect it.  Heaven only knows when we can fit that in but I'm sure we will manage some how.
As you can see I have plenty to do so I had better make a start but first there is the second cup of coffee to be had.
If you are going out tonight for celebrations have a really good time and see what has been an eventful year out with a bang - who knows what the New Year will bring.  Wishing you all health happiness and prosperity......

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