Christmas day

Well it is here Christmas day and the huge cookathon!!!!
Yesterday was a day of great preparations the final clean of the house, a dog walk through the very icy woods to pick a bit of holly.  The turkey for boxing day onwards is cooked and carved and the bones in the stock pot.  The huge rib of beef is out getting to room temperature, now all I have to do is do it justice when I cook it. Once it is in the oven it is just the roast potatoes, sprouts and Yorkshire pudding that are left to do.  Everything else is ready and only needs heating.  I do have one major job to do and that is iron the table cloth.  I never bother to iron it when it is washed as it always needs doing before putting on the table and rather than do it twice I put it away un-ironed and then curse!!!!
When I got up this morning I followed my usual routine and went to switch on the computer and coffee machine but as I entered the kitchen and switched on the lights - bang - the fuses blew!!!  This better not be an omen...fortunately it is just a case of pressing a button to reset the fuses, gone are the days of fuse wire and screwdrivers.
James arrived in good time last evening and we had our usual supper of ham [the best Italian prosciutto cotto] with eggs [thank you hens] and chunky oven chips.  In the days when my mother and father used to come for Christmas it was a full fish banquet but with just the three of us things have simplified.
This morning will kick off with lashings of coffee and panetone.
The lunch menu reads as follows:-

Smoked salmon parcels stuffed with smoked salmon mousse

Roast beef,  some well done, some medium and most rare if I get it right
Roast potatoes
Yorkshire pudding
Petits pois a la Francaise
Glazed carrots
Brussel sprouts
Assorted mustards and horseradish sauces

Old fashioned sherry trifle and or mince pies

Then collapse in front of the fire/TV and watch rubbish or sleep

Cups of tea and cake
Official closing of the catering department if anyone is still hungry, if the can find it they can eat it....

Have a great day and may all your timings be on the button.....

Happy Christmas Denzil we miss you!!!!

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