Boxing day

Well that's the main event over, the house looks like a bomb has hit it, we all piled off to bed and left the debris until this morning.  Having said that the dishwasher did sterling service and most of the dishes have been washed up and put away.  I was showered in compliments on the lunch preparation which if I say so myself was a real success.  The timings all worked out well and the meal all came together at the right time.  Len and Margaret went home with a portion of the trifle in a Tupperware box and today they are coming to help eat the left overs.  Fortunately for me it is all cold stuff today so no cooking involved.  I did put the beef bones and left over gravy in a pot with carrot celery leek and onion so I now have some wonderful beef stock and the turkey bones are destined for the same treatment.  Once we had finished the hot meal I put the beef under a board and weight to press it ready for carving cold.
The dogs had a wonderful time Elaine had  bought them some fluffy squeaky lamb toys.  The terriers immediately decided they were rats and dismembered them in seconds - Basso sat and sucked his but only because we put him in his crate - if Nip and Tuc had got hold of it it would have been destroyed in seconds.  They also did quite well at lunch time and got plenty of trimming from the meat and left over Yorkshire puddings not to mention licking out the cream bowl.
We all collapsed in the front room to watch the queens speech and the we watched "How to train your dragon", nothing too taxing - Margaret slept through most of it but Len and Mike were riveted and stayed awake throughout.  I had to give up half way through as the chairs make my back ache very badly and I went and pottered in the kitchen.
Tea, cake and mince pies were consumed before Len and Margaret braved the extreme cold and headed for home.  The pavements were just sheet ice and so they were forced to walk down the centre of the road to where they had managed to park their car.  The temperature this morning is -1 on the thermometer so I guess it is probably a couple of degrees lower than that.
Well that is it I am off for a second cup of coffee and to potter slowly in the kitchen and play with my stock pots.  Have a lovely peaceful day now that the main event is over it is every man for himself there is food everywhere and the rule is if you can find it you can eat it!!!!!!

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