Wednesday morning and bin day

After my visit yesterday to the gunsmith this is what my gun looks like!!!!! Talk about Heath Robinson....
Anyway the proof of the pudding and all that we shall have to see how well I shoot today.  At least the gun is now in line with both my shoulder and my eye which should make things easier.  Chatting to the gunsmith was very illuminating and he has sent me away with some stickers to put on my glasses which will hopefully train my eyes.  Currently I have a dominant left eye which is not the eye that looks down the barrels so I have to close it before I shoot or it will pull the gun to the left.  The temperature is down to 3 degrees and very cold so wrapping up warm is the order of the day.  Silk long Johns, 2 pairs of socks, jumpers, new coat and hat should stop me from freezing.

When I finally stripped the meat off the pheasants and weighed it there was 3.5lbs of meat from the four birds so plenty to make the Calabrian pheasant with macaroni for today which only took a pound and the rest is in the freezer.  I used the tougher parts of the bird namely the thighs but as they spent the best part of the day in the slow cooker I hope they will not be too stringy.

After we had visited the gunsmith we made our way to Shiona's house where we were treated to a lovely supper of roast pork with orange which sounds weird but was really very nice.  The orange works in the same way with pork as it does with duck and cuts through the fattiness.  The pork was from a local small holder and was therefore really well flavoured.  I had bought a new Thermos flask in the camping shop on the way back from the hairdresser so I decided to test it am filled it with tea and put it in the car.  After 5 hours I tested it and was delighted that the tea was still piping hot which means I can now have a hot drink at lunch time when I am out on a shoot with the dog.  Sadly however in the confusion of loading dogs and guns before leaving I have left it at Shiona's house.  I drove us home as Mike had been at the wine and we finally got back about 10pm - having missed my afternoon siesta I was knackered.  You would have thought I would have slept in this morning but no such luck I was awake at 3.50 which is rather ridiculous.
Even the dogs looked at me strangely and turned over and went back to sleep.

I had left the kitchen in a bit of mess when I left yesterday so that will have to be my starting point this morning.  I will let you know if the gun alterations make a significant difference I just wish I had been able to sleep a bit longer.
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