Wednesday and bin day

Where to start?  I will start with the funeral.  It was decided that David and Jackie would take their car as they had been asked to go to the house and accompany the coffin.  I was going to go under my own steam as Mike had refused to attend. I had only met this aunt once some 30 years ago but there was concern that the numbers would be small so I was there largely to swell the numbers and represent Mike.  Now you can imagine how difficult it was to get three people dressed in black out of my house without a liberal scattering of white dog hair but we managed it.  I got to the crematorium very early but was happy to sit and wait in the car park.  Richard and Jeff were coming from Reading via Bagshot and got stuck on the M25 so arrived halfway through the service.  This was conducted by a very elderly chap called father Paul who apparently is very high church [not sure what that means exactly]  any way he did a really splendid job and was remarkably upbeat and positive.  I was very impressed with him; so when we made our way to the wake at the local Hilton hotel I found myself helping him get his car parked and we got to chatting.  It turns out he lives in a house with 22 rooms and he keeps 2 donkeys in the huge back garden.  He was a real character and very interesting to talk to.  I said my good byes to the family and made my way back home only to get stuck on the road at the site of a horrendous road accident.  Multiple ambulances and police cars and a vehicle parked backwards up a bank an in a hedge - I cannot visualise how it can have got there.  Anyway I got home eventually around 2pm and having reported the events to Mike I was off to bed for a sleep as I suddenly felt exhausted.  I had not made any preparations for supper so it was a Chinese take away - I was starving having only had some nibbles at the Hilton.  Talking of which I was very unimpressed with what they provided it was a real "mums gone to Iceland" finger buffet.  You know the sort of thing miniature quiche 90% pastry with a teaspoon of some non de-script filling and soggy sausage rolls again 90% pastry.  So guess who rather over did it with the Chinese?  and as a result I have had a pretty turbulent night.
Today is the day the men are coming to erect the scaffolding but I have no idea what time they are due to arrive so I guess we will just have to wait and see.  I do however have something to occupy myself - THE CUPBOARD UNDER THE STAIRS - time is up and it must be done by tomorrow so that the electricians can get to the meters.  The word that springs to mind is procrastination!!!!!

Now in answer to your question Anne you are not the first person to suggest I write a book but I really don't think I have the right skills - I wouldn't have a clue how to structure such a thing or where to start.  And of course from my stand point my life has been very ordinary and mundane with odd moments of high drama and deep despair which I think is true for most of us.

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