Wednesday and bin day

Yesterday morning was dull and cold but it was dry for the most part which meant that I could get the dogs walked in relative comfort.  However, come the afternoon it turned really nasty with lots of rain and wind and even some hail but by then I was back in the warm and could watch it through the windows....
Elaine popped in for coffee which was nice and we had some discussion about what you do with teenagers and their temperamental behaviour.  Sadly I don't think there are any easy answers; you can only do the best you can and hope you live through it all!!!!!
I had cooked the pheasant legs overnight in  the slow cooker and then made them into a sort of shepherds pie with a crust of mashed parsnips - I suppose it should be called game keepers pie.  On that subject Sandi rang last night to tell me she had heard from the game keeper who asked if we would come again this Saturday for their next shoot.  Needless to say I was thrilled skinny.  I always feel that I am very biased towards Basso but he must have done all right to be invited back.  Now all I have to hope is that it was not a one off fluke and he behaves just as well this time.  My pulled muscles are improving by the day so I too should be fit by Saturday.
For supper I made us an oriental type fish soup with prawns, mussels and noodles and all the usual oriental ingredients which was rather nice and very light but satisfying.
This morning I am on stand by for the delivery of the dishwasher and we have cleared a space ready to store it until it can be installed.  The delivery slot is between 7am and 2pm so at least the whole day is not devoted to waiting!!!!  I have plenty of ironing to keep me busy while I wait not to mention the washing up from yesterday which is piled in the sink, what a slattern I am!!!!
The menu for today is bacon and egg for lunch and a rabbit pie from the freezer for supper so the only preparation is the accompanying vegetables - a really nice easy day.  So it is off to the shower and then get stuck into the washing up and ironing......Have a good one everyone.
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