Wednesday and bin day

Good morning folks, I can hardly believe it it bin day again it comes around so fast, today it is the recycling that has to go out and next week it will be the green waste.  We are still lucky enough to have a weekly collection.

On the weather front it is still very mild but the wind has picked up so the lovely autumn leaves will be blown off the trees very quickly leaving us with bare sticks for the winter.  It seems almost as if the world goes from colour to black and white in the blinking of a eye.

I don't know if you have been watching "Professional Master Chef", which came to a conclusion last night.  Personally I was delighted with the result as I had had my money on Clare for some time as she had been consistently good throughout the competition.  I spent yesterday morning sweating off the excess vegetables for the freezer and also made some braised celery which will go well with our lunch of [brined]turkey breast, pan fried with mushroom and a splash of cream. As you will notice we are now into lunch rather than dinner as Mike prefers to eat at midday and have a smaller snack in the evening.  I can't say it suits me as it means spending a lot of time in the kitchen in the middle of the day and eating at that time only leaves me good for a siesta.  However, as I get up so early I manage to pack a days work into a morning.

They guy is coming to fix the dishwasher this morning and then we have to go and sign papers to release investments from the financial advisor, which means that the kitchen will be off limits for a couple of hours.  The chickens seem to have settled down to being in the green house but have decided to lay their eggs in a bright yellow plastic garden bucket.  They have a lovely nest box with plenty of shredded paper in  it which they have decided is a toilet.  What can you do!!!  The garden is looking pretty messy with leaves everywhere but it seems pointless sweeping them up until they have all fallen so I will have to wait a little longer. Not that it is a job I rush out to do with any kind of pleasure.  There is no shooting this week so I will probably shoot on Sunday if the weather is tolerable.  I am not enthusiastic enough to go shooting in the pouring rain.  I see from the news that they are calling for more restrictions on gun licences which are painful enough to get already.  You need a letter from your GP stating that you are not crackers and likely to run a muck with the gun.  You also need a completely different licence to use a rifle which requires a firearms certificate.  However, you don't need anything to own an air gun and I have no idea what is required for a cross bow probably nothing.  While I am on my soap box if I were to let my dogs out into the garden to see off a fox I would be in breech of the law but quite within it to set a snare then shoot the fox. How mad is that!!!!
OK rant over.... I will work off my ire on the ironing instead while I wait for it to get light.  Have a good day all......
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