Tuesday morning

Well it is here at last the snow fell over night and we now have about 2 inches.  From indoors it looks very pretty and Basso is out exploring the new world.  Nip has now joined him and they are larking around having fun in the snow I wish I could take a picture but as yet there is insufficient light for photography.
The chap came yesterday morning and stripped out the boiler and gave it a good clean and was of the opinion that it will last at least ten more years.  So for once a bit of good news.  Sadly it is not the most efficient of boilers but does the job adequately if not economically.
For lunch I made the trout tart which turned out very well and we munched our way through it easily with a nice salad of iceberg lettuce.  The addition of the chorizo sausage made a big difference to the minestrone soup that we had for supper and made it into a complete meal in a bowl.  Today I have got out a couple of pieces of lamb rump which we will have with roasted root vegetables if my vegetable box arrives in time.  It usually comes fairly early on Tuesday but with the snow things may be different.  In which case it will have to be mash and peas.  Tonight for supper we are having baked potatoes with who knows what on top....Cheese and onion or egg mayo or both!!!!!
Basso and Nip have just arrived back indoors both of them soaking wet from their fun in the snow.  Unlike children you can't undress them and dry them off, they just lie by the radiators and steam gently - don't you just love the smell of wet dog!!!!!  The met office has forecast more snow through the day and continuing into tomorrow so we will have to see just how much we end up with.  My friend Mary rang last night to tell me she was back from South Africa where she has spent the last 5 weeks and what a shock she got on arrival from a hot country straight into the ice and snow.  Despite the cold I think she was pleased to be back home - there is nothing quite like home no matter what the weather.
Jane is due this morning though she does live further down the hill from us so it will depend on the roads.  I think she will be impressed with all the work I have done in the utility which is now sparkling clean. I was as stiff as a board yesterday from all the wall washing.   This morning I would like to go through my wardrobe and sort out all the summer clothes and get them put away making a bit more room for the winter stuff.  I dare say there will also be a pile of bits for charity or more likely the bin.  Then I need a trip to M&S for my annual restock of the underwear draw.  This is a job I keep putting off as it doesn't seem important but we are fast approaching desperate times.
We have moved some of the furniture from the dining room so the man could get to the boiler and a bit more will get shifted today so that the carpet cleaner can do his stuff on Friday come Christmas we should be very nice and clean especially if I get around to doing the kitchen cupboards which are pretty revolting.  What I want to know is who keeps putting sticky jars with a quarter inch of jam or pickle back in the cupboard?  Anyway first things first time to boil the orange peel again and leave it for another 24 hours to soak then I think I can take it out on Wednesday to dry for 12 hours before moving on to the chocolate stage.  Have a good day and enjoy the snow if you can, even if it is only to look at.


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