Tuesday morning

This morning we are starting off at 5 degrees but it is destined to get much colder as the week wears on and may even get some snow by the weekend.  Elaine came round for a cup of coffee and a bit of a moan - her husband is due to have some investigations and he is very stressed and taking it out on her so she needed an understanding ear.  Then it was off to the gun shop and the purchase of a warm shooting coat and some Wellingtons.  They are really horrible and shiny and look like Woolworth specials but they do fit well which what I was looking for.  My good boots have been washed and dried and are now ready for the polish.

The coat is very nice and warm and I wore a large pullover so I could make sure it would go over the top without restricting my arms.  So now I am fully kitted out for the really cold weather.  The coat is machine washable so that is an added bonus.  I now have my eye on a pair of fleece boot socks which might make a nice stocking filler.  Sometimes I envy Basso his big woolly coat he never seems to get cold even in freezing water, mind you if I ran around as much as he does I dare say I too would stay warm.
I had prepared the lunch before we went out so it was just a matter of serving it up and though I had cleared up all the laundry and put away the non iron there is still big pile of ironing left for this morning. 
After lunch I was off to bed for a sleep and boy did I sleep.  I woke and the clock read 4.15 so I thought it's dark so it must be morning and it took a while for my poor old brain to realise that it was in fact afternoon not morning.  There is definitely something to be said for a 24 hour clock.  The dogs were clamouring for their supper.  On the way back from the gun shop I had taken them for a nice walk to try out my new wellies so they were hungry.  We on the other hand were not so we just had toasted bacon sandwiches which was adequate.  
Today I have no meals to prepare - I am off to the hair dresser at 11 and then we will have a pub lunch on our way to the gunsmith and finally on for dinner with Shiona.  The ironing will keep me occupied until day light and I may prepare the pheasants so that I can cook them tomorrow and all the feathers etc. can go out for the dustmen on Wednesday morning.  We have arranged a day shooting for Wednesday so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather holds.  Cold we can cope with but thrashing rain, sleet or snow would not be helpful so fingers crossed.
Well time I got under way with the ironing and got that out of the way........
Have a good day all and keep warm....
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