Tuesday morning

The temperature is dropping like a stone and we are down to 3 degrees again this morning, but do I care? not at all.  All I have to say is hallelujah I have a functioning dishwasher.  The engineer came out yesterday morning only to discover that the men who had installed the machine had crimped the inlet water pipe so the machine was right when it kept complaining it had no water.  No sooner than he had left I filled the machine with the saved dirty dishes and set it off to work on the quick cycle which only takes 29 minutes - fabulous.  Then it was off into the cold garage to divest the birds.  I plucked one but just skinned the second bird and took the meat off the bones.  The whole bird is in the freezer and the jointed one is going to Peterborough with David and Jackie.  They made very good time last night as the traffic was light and arrived shortly after 7.30pm.  I had everything ready so supper was on the table in no time which meant we were not eating too late and by about 10pm we packed ourselves off to bed - but not before we had reloaded the dishwasher and set it on its merry way.
This morning I hope everyone gets up late and has a leisurely breakfast before we all set off to the funeral which is at 11.45 followed by a gathering at the Hilton hotel which is conveniently opposite the crematorium.  After that things are very fluid as it is possible that David and Jackie will go straight back up north as Jackie has commitments and need to bake several cakes this evening so she doesn't want to be late.  The other two brothers are coming without their wives so I am not sure if they will come back to our house.  I have laid in some biscuits just in case and if they decide to stay on then it will be a take away curry.  It is all a bit chaotic but I think I have all the bases covered.  Jane is due this morning and normally comes at 9am but I have put her off until 11.30 which will make life a bit easier and we will come back to a nice clean house.
For those of you who are regular readers I have added a potted history of my life to the blog which is on a tag just below the title and it might go some way to explain where I am coming from and why I am just a tad crackers.....  

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