Tuesday morning

Basso and Nip and Tuc have fun on their walk yesterday you can see by the wavelets that it was windy.

First to the question of saltiness when using brine the answer is no it is not salty but I don't season with salt before cooking.  It is also vital to wipe the meat dry or it will boil....
We had a most glorious sunny warm day here yesterday so the dogs got a good airing.  I took the camcorder with me and this photo is a still from a piece of film.  I always find it difficult to take pictures or film when it is bright sunshine as the viewing screen is hardly visible.  I have tried sunglasses but I think the only way is with a hat to cast some shadow over the screen.  As I was playing with the film to get the still you could hear me use my whistle to call Basso and low and behold he jumped out of his bed and came to me when he heard it!!!!  I use the walks to do some training so he always gets some lead walking and some walking to heal without the lead despite the fact that his brothers are running free doing their own thing which is quite hard for him as he is desperate to join in the doggy things.  We do assorted sit and stay and recall exercises just to keep him up to scratch.  I really should do more with him but I just don't seem to find the time.  There is a possibility that I will take him to a shoot on Saturday and he can practice sitting behind the guns  and watching, he may even get a retrieve if he behaves himself.  The dogs see retrieving as a huge treat!!!!
Today the wonderful Jane is due after her weeks holiday so no doubt we will hear all her news and though I have had a couple of goes at the kitchen it still could use a blitz through.  I have hoovered downstairs but the upstairs hasn't been touched with the exception of the bathroom which I gave a really good clean yesterday.  We were having trouble with the toilet seat which was loose so it was a case of crawling under it with a pair of pliers and tightening the nuts which exposed some rather grubby areas to me.

Now here is a turn up for the books, Mike was so impressed with the proper omelet that I made that he went out and bought me a new small non stick pan especially for omelets - Guess what we had for supper last night? you've got it cheese omelets!!!  Today we have an easy lunch as I took a cottage pie out of the freezer last night so all I need to do is some greens to go with it.  My vegetable box also arrives today so I will be restocked.  In this weeks box there will be potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnip, celery, mushroom, leeks and black kale so plenty to keep me amused.  Foolishly I bought a head of celery last week so I am going to be inundated - I think the problem can be solved by chopping and sweating off the celery then freezing ready to add to soups and stews etc.  In fact I may well have a session with leek, carrot and onion also as they are often combined at the start of many savoury dishes and it certainly cuts down on the amount of time needed for preparation.
So time for more coffee and some chopping with my newly sharpened knives

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