Tuesday morning cold and wet

Well I think we are all back in the land of the living, Basso has perked up having rested for several days and my muscular aches and pains seem to have largely died away.  Yesterday was a truly awful day both very wet and very cold.  I had to put my big wet weather coat on to go and do the chickens and consequently I spent as little time as possible in the garage sorting out the pheasants.  I decided against plucking them so I just skinned them and took the breasts and legs off.  The breasts I have made into a pie filling and the legs into a stew/casserole in the slow cooker.  Having sweated mirepoix of vegetables ready in the freezer is a real time saver.
My new dishwasher is on order and due for delivery tomorrow with the installation engineers arriving on Thursday morning - not that washing up by hand has been too much of a chore.  Needless to say this has knocked shooting on the head for this week but the weather is set to be atrocious anyway so there is nothing lost there.  I really don't fancy another soaking......

Yesterday afternoon we sat and watched a DVD called "8 degrees under" which is about some sledge dogs who get left behind in the Antarctic winter.  I think the film is meant for children but I was too busy watching the dogs training to enjoy it and the story, while heart warming, was just a bit too ridiculous to swallow, even for me.

Today the wonderful Jane is due and I have piles of washing to get done and dried some how.  I may be forced to use the tumble dryer in the end as I already have loads dangling around house.  Elaine wants to go to the butcher and get her turkey on order which will be one job out of the way so I think I may join her and put in my Christmas order.  I am going to have a small turkey and a large piece of beef which should see us through the holidays OK.  The turkey will be cooked on Xmas eve ready for cold meat on boxing day and the beef will be for Xmas day proper.  I am also deviating from tradition with the desert and making a big trifle instead of a pudding which we all find too heavy.

I would like to get the dogs out for a run today but the weather doesn't look too good so I may yet get another soaking but this time I will be prepared with all the wet weather gear.  There is a possibility that there may be another shoot this Saturday so Basso may be called upon once again now that the game keeper is happy he knows what to do, but I will have to wait and see if we are invited.  The shoot is a very small friendly one so absolute obedience is not a prerequisite like the big commercial shoots.  Anyway it is an ideal way for both of us to learn the ropes.

Have a good day all despite the weather.....
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