The forecast storms are not here yet so it is just cold dark and still.  Yesterday was a day of frustration while I waited for the delivery of the new dishwasher we had been told between 7 and 2 but at around 12 a letter arrived which stated that delivery would be between 2 and 9.  Grrrr!!!! I had just spent the whole morning making sure I was in hearing distance of the front door.  Anyway, it did eventually arrive at 4.30 and is now sitting proudly in the dining room awaiting the engineer who will plumb it in some time today - but who knows when.  It was a real shame as yesterday was a lovely sunny day and would have been ideal for shooting or even dog walking rather than ironing.  Anyway, today I am going to accumulate the dirty dishes so that I can put the new machine through its paces. Or am I in danger of tempting the gods?........

Tomorrow we have visitors for lunch but I have that well under control all I have to do is make a desert which will be the Jamie Oliver 5 minute cheese cakes provided I make a batch of lemon curd this morning which takes 3 minutes so there I have occupied a whole 8 minutes of my day...  Actually I do have a major job to do and that is to clean down the kitchen cupboards, being white, they show every mark and I am a messy cook so they tend to get splashed. Basso is no help either as he is inclined to shake and slobber the doors after he has had a drink.  We thought we would be clever and put a bucket of water outside but he still comes in to shake.

Today for lunch we are going to have lemon and rosemary chicken legs which will do in the oven but as yet I have not decided what to have by way of vegetables to go with it.  I have a cauliflower and some beetroot but neither seem ideal, it might have to be frozen peas.   The potatoes will be wedged and roasted along side the chicken.
I spent some of my copious free time yesterday ordering the ingredients to make soap as Christmas presents.  I have also organised some nice boxes to put the soap in but I will have to design attractive labels for them.  Perhaps a photo of the recipient might be nice.  I also ordered a boot bag as my muddy boots make a real mess of the car and I prefer to drive in more flexible shoes.  I think Saturday will be very muddy as we have had plenty of rain this week and there is more to come.  The wind is now picking up and it is starting to blow hard which should see the last of the leaves down from the trees and into the pond where they seem to gravitate.
Lets hope today runs smoothly for all of us.......
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