Thursday morning

The photo is of a midi size clay which I have laid against a CD size box to give you an appreciation of size.  You can imagine travelling at 70mph they are not easy to hit.

The temperature is still dropping but we are still in positive numbers just.  Yesterday was cold but it was beautifully sunny which meant that the roof panels were generating well and it was very pleasant for shooting.  Jeff arrived at the usual time and we went off to Dartford in his car a Mike had very wisely decided to stay at home.  Jeff was shocked at the state of my gun as it really looked as if I had just pulled it out of a skip.  However once I got shooting it proved to be a great success.  I have what is called a dominant left eye which means that I have to shut it when I shoot or it pulls the gun left of the target.  However I now have a small dot on my safety glasses which covers just the pupil of the left eye when I am looking down the barrel.  This means I now have to learn to shoot with both eyes open which is a whole new ball game.  I shot two straight 10's on the easy stand so there is nothing wrong with the system and those clays I missed must be down to my poor shooting.  All in all I am very pleased with the alterations.  We didn't get home till about 2pm and Mike had put a pan of water on to boil for the macaroni and I heated up the Calabrian pheasant which was much better than any of us expected.  I still have a portion of the sauce left which will do a lunch for Mike and I.  For supper we had the sausages from Shiona's new pig and they were very good with onions and the swede and carrot mash I had made earlier.

Today I have organised a man to come and look at our central heating system and discuss what we can do with regard to the boiler.  My brother in law Richard had a problem with the same type of boiler and when the Corgi chap came he immediately condemned it and he had to have a new one immediately.   I am trying to forestall such a problem and do the research now just in case.  Our current boiler is tucked neatly inside a chimney and behind a gas fire and I have nowhere sensible to put a new boiler other than the garage so it may all prove a difficult problem.  Anyway I am hoping this guy will have some suggestions.

I was hoping to have a couple of sausages left for lunch today but they were so good we ate them all.  My next move is to make a big pot of minestrone soup as I have loads of vegetables and with the temperature so low a bowl of hot soup and crusty bread sounds very appealing.  I have buckets of rabbit and pheasant stock in the freezer so they should add some flavour.  It needs at least 2 hours cooking time so I had better make a start on preparing the ingredients.  For supper I fancy trying another of Clarrisa's recipes for pheasant breast with horseradish cream which sounds lovely and would go well with mash and savoy cabbage.

Anne I envy you your trip to Rome a lovely city and hopefully warmer than here....  A good chance to practice you Italian too.
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