Thursday morning

Well the scaffolding is up and at 8.30 this morning the men are due to put up the roof panels and the electricians will be running the wires down from the roof to the junction box and replacing the existing fuse box.  So I think the house will be uproar for most of the day and I expect to be without electricity for some of the time.  Thank goodness for a gas hob at least we will still be able to have hot drinks and meal.  Though as yet I have not decided what to do.  I have a feeling that we may well have bacon and eggs as that is easy and quick to prepare with the minimum of fuss.  When the guys arrived yesterday to put up the scaffolding it turned out that the boss recognised me from shooting and apparently he will be shooting with Jeff this weekend at some masonic do in north London.  What a very small world it is!!!  On the subject of shooting I have booked myself an appointment with a gunsmith to have my gun measured as Roger is convinced that the comb is too low for me which is not helping me at all.  The idea is that he will make temporary alterations to the stock and I then go away and try it and see if it is better in which case we then get into discussing the cost of making the alterations permanent.  This should work out well as I am seeing him on the Tuesday and hopefully shooting on the Wednesday if the weather allows.
Once the scaffolding was up I managed to get out with the dogs for a nice run but the weather was bitterly cold with a cutting east wind.  On the return leg I stopped off at the butcher and placed my order for Christmas.  A big chunk of beef for Xmas day and a small turkey which I will cook on Xmas eve ready for left overs on boxing day.  I have had a request for trifle rather than Christmas pudding, Elaine has made me a cake so other than a few mince pies I think it should all be rather easy.  I will of course have to make some chestnut stuffing for the bird as that is Mike's favourite.
Tomorrow I am hoping to have a restful day in anticipation of the shoot on Saturday when Basso and I will be put to the test again.  All I hope is that it is not too cold or raining which would be really miserable.   However, I must admit I am feeling a little more confident that we can do the job required and be worthy of our fee.  Basso will need to save up £100 if he is to have his hips X rayed and have the possibility of breeding.  From then on it is all in the lap of the gods we have to hope someone has seen him and wants him as a sire for a litter of pups.  We would then have to get permission from his breeder who would want to vet the bitch for quality before lifting the endorsement.  It is kind of like an arranged marriage system all very complicated!!!!!  However I must say that I do approve as it prevents all this silly inbreeding that has been going on with the more popular breeds.
Well that's it for this morning I am off to do the dreaded cupboard as I am now out of time.... I did however mend the blown down panel of trellis yesterday so I am making progress.

p.s. Hi Mountain View, California!!!
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