Thursday morning

Yesterday was a day of two moods firstly I got furious with the guy who was supposed to come and fix the dishwasher.  I had warned him that I had an appointment at 11 so he would need to come before that.  Did he come NO, did he phone NO, is my dish washer mended NO, am I livid YES.  Second mood was one of humility and eating of humble pie.  As you can imagine I was in hight dudgeon when we went to see the financial advisor but fortunately I kept my big mouth shut long enough for him to explain that we had in fact made 17.4% on our investments with him and we must have miss read the information sent to us.  Feeling very stupid we agreed to continue with the status quo and apologised for wasting his time.  Good job I didn't go in spitting fur and feathers, he did admit that the documentation was not very user friendly and could see where we had made our error.  So general face saving all round!!!!
Following on from my success with the brine I decided to make sure it wasn't a fluke and did some of those bits of turkey breast.  The biggest piece was 8 oz so they were in for just half an hour and the smaller bits only had 15 minutes.  Well it was no fluke the meat was juicy and succulent and with the addition of some mushrooms and a slosh of cream made a very acceptable meal.  For supper I made some soup with our home grown borlotti beans and pasta - this is a very traditional Italian soup and only has some garlic sage and parmesan added with water rather than stock but somehow it makes a very flavourful soup which is so much better than the ingredients sound.
As the day wore on and there was no sign of the dishwasher man so I worked off my fury by polishing my boots ready for the winter season.  I polish well when I am angry so I didn't stop at the boots the banisters got a birthday too.  As I had been trapped for most of the day Basso had to make do with a street walk/ training session but he doesn't seem to mind.  He still doesn't like big lorries or buses but only flinches a little these days.  On our way home a flight of six pigeons flew over  the roof tops and he was transfixed then looked back at me as if to say "why don't you shoot them", he had not noticed that I didn't have my 12 bore with me.  He really is a hunting dog at heart.....
Today I have nothing planned - I wonder if the dishwasher man will phone!!! For lunch I am making stuffed squid in tomato sauce and a salad and for dinner we will just have a bacon sandwich so not too much time in the kitchen.  Perhaps I will get round to that wretched under-stairs cupboard at last, so far I have managed to avoid doing it with all sorts of excuses but the time is rapidly approaching when it has to be done if the electricians are to be able to get to the meters. The cut off date is the 17/18 of this month after which time we will be generating our own electricity - its all very exciting.....

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