Sunday and a day of rest I hope

Both Basso and I are completely worn out but very happy.  Yesterdays shoot went well and as we were desperately short of pickers up, three and the game keeper to be precise, there were 11 guns so there was plenty of work for the dogs and us.  We were at the shoot by 8.30 and we didn't get home until it was dark at 4.30 which makes for a pretty long day.  We do get an hour break for lunch which is much appreciated.  Sandie's dog Yoda did very well and on occasions we need all three dogs to find lost birds.  The final drive of the day saw the most birds and by then Basso was so tired that he stopped bring the birds to me and just picked them up to show me where they were and left me to gather them in.  Anyway he earned his pocket money and a nice brace of birds.  I will leave them to hang until Monday before dealing with them.  When we got home Richard Mikes brother was there and I think quite shocked at the state of us!! I fed Basso who was ready for some food by then and put him into his bed to rest while I made us a full English breakfast for supper including chips and beans.  The dishes are still sitting in the sink and the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it.  My muddy clothes are liberally strewn all over the place as I pealed my layers off and dumped them.  My boots so lovingly polished are caked with mud and Basso has burrs buried in his fur which he is going to hate having removed.

Richard left at about 8pm and I was in my bed moments later and unconscious in seconds.  Much to my surprise I am not as stiff as I had anticipated this morning so once I am topped up with sufficient caffeine I will be fit to have a good long bath and then get stuck into the clearing up.  I'm sure it will not be so bad once I have tidied up a bit and gathered things into manageable piles.  I am hoping that I will get a call from David to confirm if they are coming to stay on Monday night - in which case there will be bed changing and cooking to do in anticipation.  I may just go ahead and make the trout quiche anyway as I am sure we will motor through it with little trouble.  I think I am going to have to look up some pheasant recipes, or I may just put them in the freezer for some other time.  Well that's for now I am off to have a good soak before I start my day of rest!!!!!
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