Sunday and a day for pottering

We are making progress, Basso although excited to shivering point managed to keep his cool and did some very nice retrieves.  He also found a lost bird in the woods and on the final drive I found him pointing in the middle of a rape field so encouraged him in and he flushed a pheasant that had been pricked [technical term for wounded] which he duly chased and caught.  All in all a very good day but oh boy was it cold.  The temperature was not too bad but it was very damp and misty so standing for protracted periods in a field you could feel the cold slowly climbing up your legs.  We eventually arrived home after dark with 2 brace of pheasants and some wages for Basso's "leg over" fund.  Next Saturday we have off before another 3 consecutive Saturday shoots leading up to Christmas.  The last shoot of the season in January is for the beaters to shoot so I will be taking my gun instead of the dog.  Once home I had a hot cup of tea while I prepare our supper and thank goodness most of it was done before I left in the morning.  I filled myself with mashed potato and Basso with a big bowl of biscuits then both he and I collapsed in our respective beds and slept like the dead.  There is nothing like 8 hours of fresh air to give you an appetite and nothing like a full belly to make you sleep.
Today I am just going to potter - every stitch of clothing I wore yesterday is liberally covered in mud so it can all go through the washing machine and my boots will take some work as they are caked in thick sticky mud. I was due to go shooting today but it is due to rain so I think I will give it a miss this weekend.  A day in the kitchen is more appealing as I don't fancy getting soaked again.  For lunch I have a small pair of butter-nut squashes which I think I will roast in the oven and no doubt I will find something to go with them in the freezer and for supper I fancy a piece of smoked haddock with a  poached egg on top and a nice knob of butter and pepper.  The pheasants need to hang for a while so I will not be able to tackle them until tomorrow when I fancy making a terrine with them or possibly a game pie if I am in the mood for pastry.
Have a good day all whatever you have planned!!!!
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