Good morning folks well it looks like I was right to be sceptical about the dishwasher it is leaking quite badly and having seen the interior of the door I am now quite worried about the water soaking into the wadding that it is packed with.  I assume this is insulation for both heat and sound and is surrounded by things electronic none of which will enjoy getting wet.  I think I may well take it out of commission until such time as I can get round to buying a new one.  It is 10 years old so it has done well for a modern appliance which has a built in obsolescence of about 5 years.
Our anniversary lunch with Elaine went well and the lesson in lemon curd and dismantling a chicken also went well.  She is a competent cook and a quick learner so I am confident she will now be able to do both things well.
I am very apprehensive this morning as Basso and I have been invited to our first shoot.  Fortunately it is a small syndicate not a large formal commercial shoot.  However, the potential for Basso to run a muck is still great.  This is something for which he is not trained and will be largely a test of obedience, not his strongest suit!!! He will be expected to sit quietly while the shooting takes place and if he is very good he may get a retrieve.  I think it will largely be a lot of standing around so I am going to make sure that I am properly dressed as the temperature is dropping and we may have a few showers.  A packed lunch is necessary so I have made a couple of egg and tomato sandwiches which will keep me going until supper.  I will also take a small flask of coffee and Basso will not eat until we get home which should keep him on his toes.  I will take the camera and try for some photos to show you but I may have my hands full just looking after the dog.  I am really glad that I polished and re-waterproofed my boots earlier this week so that is one job less to do.  I will be very interested to see just what flying birds look like by comparison with the clays that I usually shoot.  I am sure that a pheasant must make a bigger target than many of the clays and I am led to believe that while they burst into the air at break neck speed they then mostly glide thereafter so they should be a bit slower.  Anyway, it is all a wonderful new experience and fingers crossed we don't make complete chumps of ourselves. The one saving grace is that I will have the car with me so I can slink away quietly if need be.
Tomorrow it will be my turn with a gun as I am shooting at Dover so another early start but at least I get a really good bacon sandwich to start the day.  And on that happy note I will leave you and start getting my act together.  Wish me luck or better still wish Basso a good day as everything is largely dependant on him....
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