Saturday morning

Still no snow here but the temperature is Arctic.  I took the dogs for a walk yesterday and was bundled up like a Michelin man in multiple layers with my Russian style hat with ear flaps down and still I felt cold.  The dogs paddling pool was frozen into an ice rink, the two terriers were happy to slid around on it but Basso steered well clear after he discovered how slippery it was.  We had a bit of an accident when I was releasing Basso from his gun dog lead.  It caught round his leg and my ring finger bore the brunt of his forward surge.  He yelped and I screamed but nothing seemed to be permanently damaged.  However last evening I could have wept with the pain in my finger.  I am glad to say that after a nights sleep it seems to have recovered and while it is still sore the screaming pain has subsided.  Basso seems unaffected.  I took him to a friend to have his dew claws trimmed as they were becoming dangerously curly and I could see and accident happening when he is charging about in the woods.  It is fairly unusual that he has dew claws on his back feet as well as the front, and they are the ones that tend to curl as they grow.
On the way back from the walk we stopped off at the butcher and stocked up with meat then on to the fishmonger who had phoned to say he had just taken some crabs out of the boiler - yum yum lunch.  Then we faced the terrible Tesco run and made sure we were stocked with essentials.  We are very well prepared now if it snows badly we can stay indoors for weeks. I prepared the crab for lunch and just mixed the meat with some garlic parsley and olive oil and then tossed it with some spaghetti - very delicious.  For supper I found some leek and potato soup tucked in the freezer which we had with some crusty bread, just right for a cold evening.  With the temperature so low I must admit I am very pleased that there is no shoot this weekend.
Today I intend to spend in the kitchen candying fruit for Christmas presents and I am also going to make the polenta cake that Nigella demonstrated now that I have sufficient ground almonds.  On the lunch menu today we have kidneys which Mike loves but as yet I am undecided on how to prepare them.  Probably with onions and a splash of sherry and cream with plain boiled rice. I may also treat myself to a copy of the Saturday Telegraph so that I can do the general knowledge crossword puzzle which I haven't done for ages.
Depending on the weather I may go and shoot the competition at Dartford just for the practice with the gun but we will have to see how cold it is and how brave I feel first.
Well that's my plan for the day hope you are nice and warm where you are.....
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