Saturday morning

It is a bit chilly this morning but no frost and dry which is very important as Basso and I are off for a days picking up.
Yesterday, was a day of excitement the sun got up high enough to fire up the panels at about 8am and the electricity meter from the grid ground to a halt - we were under our own steam - and it wasn't until we got home from the pictures that we had to go back to the grid for power.  We had decided to go and see Harry Potter before the kids break up.  The film was really good and the special effects are fabulous but you do have to be up to the mark in the story or it will not make sense.  Mike who has not read the last book was a bit lost.  It is so disappointing that we are going to have to wait until June for the last part.  We had done a bit of shopping on the way to the cinema and decided to have something light for lunch - there are several fast food outlets close by so we decided to try SUBWAY - what a mistake it should be called SUB-STANDARD.  I had a classic beef and cheese and when I saw the meat it looked as thought it had been passed through the turbine of a jet engine.  At first I though it looked like pedigree chum then I realised that chum looks more appetising. The lettuce was good!!!!! Anyway put it this way we will not be going there again.   I had made a batch of rabbit pies first thing but they were in the freezer and I must admit that the meat I had stripped from the bones having made stock looked really good but was in the dog bowls.  Fortunately, I had made a peperonata into which I scrambled a couple of eggs and we wolfed that down with some crusty bread that didn't taste like cake.
I am on sandwiches again today but I will be making my own - egg bacon and tomato - I always end up sharing with Basso so I have to avoid cheese as that ruins his sense of smell for up to 4 hours.  Mike has a spaghetti bolognese for lunch which he bought from Tesco, not a good idea me thinks.  Anyway the remains of the rabbit pie filling are in the fridge and together with some celeriac and potato mash should fill a hole for tonight's supper.  I will make sure it is all ready to roll as I know I will be shattered when I get back home.  This is the third Saturday in a row that we have "picked up" and I am hoping there will be a break next Saturday and I can have the weekend off.  Tomorrow I have plans to get ahead with some bits and pieces for Christmas I usually make the chestnut stuffing and the gravy base and freeze them as that cuts down on the work on the actual day.  I can also run up some pastry for mince pies and make the cake for the trifle.
Well that is for this morning time to make sandwiches and peel potatoes and brace myself for the day!!!!

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