Saturday morning

At the moment it is dry and still but that means nothing I just hope it continues for the rest of the day.
Just in case you thought the dishwasher saga was over - guess what?  The *£$%^"! thing doesn't work.  It worked once perfectly now all I get is an error message to check the water supply.  I rang the "help for idiots" line and they walked me through various things it might be but then suggested I call out an engineer.  He is coming on Monday in the mean time it is all down to hand washing. So much for a bright and shiny new machine!!!!!
Lunch with Len and Margaret went well and despite neither of them being the full ticket they managed to demolish every morsel put in front of them.  The individual beef pies were a great success and I received many compliments on the quality of my flaky pastry.  However the best compliment was all the clean plates.
I was looking forward to a relatively quiet week next week but things seem to have gone mad!!!  While I am out with the dog today Mike's brother from Reading is coming to visit, so at least he will have some company.  For lunch they are going to share the packets of fish fingers that Mike bought for himself.  I guess I had better do something a bit better for supper but as yet I have no idea what and I know I will be knackered when I get back.  Then Monday morning the engineer is coming for the machine and in the evening David and Jackie are coming down from Peterborough to stay over night as we have the funeral of Mikes Aunt to attend on Tuesday lunch time.  Wednesday the men are coming to erect the scaffolding and Thursday sees the solar panels installed so I am going to be run off my feet.  Have I cleared the cupboard under the stairs? NO I have put it off time after time now it is really urgent I guess I will have to do it on Sunday as it is the only chance I will get.  I will also have to do something for supper for Monday night and thought a trout spring onion and watercress quiche with some new potatoes might fit the bill.  Oh and just to make my life complete a panel of the trellis in the garden has blown down in all the high winds so that will need sorting out as it allows the dogs access to the vegetable garden.  Still I suppose it is better than being bored!!!!!
First things first I am off to make my packed lunch and gather all my gear for today's shoot I think I will have to take all my wet weather gear just in case.  The weather forecast is pretty uncertain but they are hoping today will be dry.  Basso gets no breakfast but I will pack a few bits for him for lunch time and a large bottle of water.  He usually gets the crusts off my sandwiches just to keep him going then a big supper when he gets home.  Anyway wish us luck and lets hope that his previous good performance was not a fluke.....

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