Remember remember the 5th of November

We have been remembering this date for the last 33years it was unseasonably warm then as I got married in a flimsy dress and was not cold at all.  Perhaps it was the excitement that kept me warm?  10/10 for my eldest son who remembered and wrote a nice newsy letter, what a good boy....
Now on to the saga of the dish washer.  When we heard nothing yesterday morning Mike insisted that I ring him but he was unable to give me a time and said he would ring back with a time once he had consulted his dairy.  4 hours later the phone rang to say he would be there in 10 minutes, we were in the middle of lunch but Mike said let him come so I agreed.  20 minutes later he turned up and as he entered the kitchen I stopped him and reminded him that we had agreed a price of £80 at which he jumped up and down about labour costs and the cost of the part but finally agreed to the agreed sum.  Then he attacked the dishwasher, I use the word attack advisedly at one point I even offered him the use of a club hammer should he need it.  Anyway, to cut a very long story short after an hour of work he finally manage to get the thing back together and fingers crossed not leaking [this is yet to be proved to my satisfaction].  In the course of his problems he rang the parts supplier to check if he had the right part and agreed with the chap that it was the £39 piece so so much for the part costing £80 as he had previously stated.  As he left he gave us his card should we need any further work to be done.  I ceremoniously put it in the BIN....  Some people don't deserve to be in business.  Now I know you will all commiserate with me when I tell you that with all the Brouhaha I ran out of enthusiasm for doing the under stairs cupboard so it is still on the to-do list.

Did any of you see the program last night on channel four "what the greens got wrong" it was an interesting take on some of the things that are happening and some of the damage that has been done by the ultra green  lobby and followed on from the compulsory viewing of Hugh at River Cottage.

Today, in honour of the 33 years of wedded bliss!!! we are having osso bucco for lunch and Elaine is coming over as she would like a lesson in how to dismantle a chicken so she will be included in the lunch.  She is also keen to make microwave lemon curd and as I have all the ingredients and a chicken in the fridge we can play in the kitchen for a while.  She looks to me as her guru on cookery matters as I look the Henry, the chef, for my cookery problems.  And guess what? I am not going to tackle the under stairs cupboard it can jolly well wait.....

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