Monday morning

Well after my weekend of adventures it is time to have a day of rest.  Yesterday I set off to Dover in glorious sun shine but by the time I arrived it was pouring down.  Having driven all that way I decided to give it a go and hope that it would ease off.  Did it - did it hell I shot the last two stands in a hail storm.  Did I do well?  who knows the score sheets disintegrated as did the cartridge box we substituted.  While the others went for hot drinks I decided to get home ASAP and get out of my wet clothes.  I had to drive a bit gingerly on the way back as areas of the road had become lakes but once on the motorway things improved.  Mike was surprised to see the state of me as there had been no rain at all where we live.  Anyway first things first it was out of all the wet clothes and into my nice warm dressing gown and into the kitchen to cook the lunch.  Fortunately I had some meat balls and tomato sauce which had defrosted so all I had to do was boil the gnocchi and grate some parmesan and hey presto lunch.  Then it was a case of putting everything to dry so the contents of my shooting bag is scattered about the house as absolutely every thing was soaked.  My gun I broke into pieces and also left to dry as it was saturated.  This morning I can go round and collect the now dry bits and pieces and reassemble my kit.  The gun can also be cleaned and oiled before putting away in the gun cabinet.  The torn muscle in my leg is giving me a bit of pain so I intend to take it a bit easy today and do the bare minimum so it has a chance to rest and recover.
Talk about resting on ones laurels, Basso spent most of yesterday sleeping only stirring for necessities, he did however check me over for pheasants when I returned then marched off in disgust as I had obviously had an abortive hunting trip.  Today I will have to tackle the birds that are hanging in the garage, I think I will skin them rather than pluck but we will have to see how plump they are.  They should all be young birds as they were bred for this season.  I feel less distressed about pheasants than I do commercial chickens - the pheasants are reared and cared for in a natural environment and OK some get shot but believe me plenty get away unlike the poor old chickens.
Then I will have to decide what to make with the meat, I am leaning towards a nice puff pastry covered pie.  If the breasts look good I may just brine them and pan fry with some bacon mushrooms and cream or I wonder if you can make pheasant Kiev that might be a nice idea. Oh decisions, decisions!!!!
First things first clean the gun and get that put away, a nice quiet job for early morning.....

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