Monday morning again

November is winding down and they have forecast possible snow for the end of this week. I still have a carpet of leaves to rake up some time but I am very glad that this Saturday in not a shoot day as standing around in the snow would be rather too cold for my liking.
I spent yesterday getting to grips with the laundry which seem to have grown like topsy.  I suppose all the added muddy clothes make a difference.  The the washing machine started to play up and finally I got a large puddle on the floor.  I checked all the filters and cleaned up and the last load ran smoothly so who knows what is going on?  I can really do without a broken washing machine at the moment.

We had the butter-nut squash for lunch which I halved and baked in the oven with some garlic and anchovies where the seeds had been removed and a half tomato acting as a lid.  For dinner I made some creamed spinach to have with the smoked haddock and poached egg.  Not quite the usual Sunday meal but very tasty none the less.  While the squash was in the oven cooking I added some chicken wings that had honey and soy sauce on them so they will be our lunch today.  The very tips of the wings ended up in the dogs dinner as a treat.  Basso was content to spend the day dossing around and after I had gone over him with the wire brush and removed all the tangles from his coat he looked a lot better.

We finally put the cupboard under the stairs back together having stripped it out for the electrician.  I took the opportunity to give it a good clean and then only put back stuff that was needed.  This left two large black sacks worth of accumulated rubbish!!!!!  I also tackled the first layer of mud on my boots which required a knife to remove.  The remaining mud is now drying and will hopefully knock off so I can then wash and polish them.  Today we are going to have an expedition to the gun shop and hopefully I will find a suitable jacket for shooting, I may even buy myself some Wellingtons for the muddy fields.  I could also use a small Thermos flask as a hot drink would be most welcome at lunch time.

However, first things first, I need to tackle the washing which is draped all over the house drying on radiators.  Once that is ironed and put away the house will look a lot less messy and my conscience will be clear.

The pheasants need to hang until Wednesday when I will make them into a sort of bolognese sauce the recipe for which I found in Clarissa Dickson Wright's game cookery book.  It is nice and easy and served with macaroni, fingers crossed it will taste good too.  Sandi checked the feet of the birds to make sure that they were young ones so the meat should be tender.

We are still covered in scaffolding but hopefully that should be taken down this week some time and we have asked that the men ring the night before so we can arrange to be in when they come.  The panels are generating and we are keeping records of what the meters are reading which will give us some idea of how we are progressing.  Of course this is the worst possible time as the hours of day light are so short however as Tesco say "every little helps"!!!!!
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