Monday morning again

Suddenly the weekend is over and we are back into fray.  Yesterday I took things relatively easy and caught up on some of the TV I had missed on Saturday.  I had missed "strictly" and that was well worth watching as the dancing is getting very good now.  I set to and made a quiche with watercress spring onion and poached trout which I hope will be nice.  We each had a piece of the trout for lunch and for dinner there was a lonely cauliflower which I made into cauliflower cheese for supper.  The weather was dreadful with lots of rain and wind so I was glad we had been out on the shoot the day before.
Basso was pretty tired so he didn't put up too much of a fight when it came to the grooming which he desperately needed.  Sandi and I had both laughed at the state of him in comparison with what is expected in the show ring - he would have won no prizes on Saturday.  All the muddy clothes have been washed and my boots took ages to clean and re-waterproof but look spectacular now.  The new cheap moleskin trousers have washed up well and don't appear to have shrunk though as they are men's and a couple of sizes too large there is room for them to do so.
Now today I have my fingers crossed as the engineer is coming to sort out my dishwasher so I am hopeful that by this evening I will have a functioning machine.  To that end I have saved up a pile of washing up; I do hope I am not provoking the gods!!!!  I got confirmation that David and Jackie will arrive this evening but it will probably be quite late so a light supper of quiche and salad should be just right.  I need to prepare the guest room and make up the bed but that will only take a few moments.  A quick spruce up of the bathroom and run round with the hoover should see us ready for visitors.  As it turns out Jackie has asked if she can borrow our inflatable double bed for the Christmas period as she has a full house and not quite enough beds.  It is one of those that is almost full height and blows up with an electric pump.  I have slept on it a couple of times and found it to be most comfortable provided you don't blow it up very hard.  The only draw back is that it is a bit bouncy so if you are sharing with a restless person it can prove a bit disconcerting.
The major job for the day is to dress the pheasants - or should that be undress the pheasants.  First I need to decide what I am going to do with them?  If I am only going to use the breasts then there is no need to pluck and draw them but if I want them whole then the job has to be done properly.  I always feel it is shame to waste all the lovely soft downy feathers but I am not going to start making duvets.  My grand mother used to make eiderdowns from the feathers of our hens when I was a child but that is a real labour of love.  I still haven't got around to making myself a muff from the rabbit skins I tanned - where does all the time go?
My first job this morning is to get my outfit ready for the funeral tomorrow - black clothes and white dogs do not go well together.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and my dishwasher.........

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