Friday and part of the grid

Yesterday at around 11 the panels were up and by 3 we were hooked into the national grid.  So today when the sun comes up we will be generating our own electricity with the excess going to the national grid.  But better still we will be making money on our investment to the tune of  between 9-11% which is a pretty good return in these days of poor interest rates. As you can imagine the house was in uproar for most of the day but there is nothing to show for all the work just a bit of trunking running inside a built in wardrobe and some fancy boxes with flashing lights in the cupboard under the stairs. The inverter which changes the electricity from DC to AC is in the loft out of the way.  While all this was going on I stripped out the welsh dresser and put all the china through the dishwasher on a quick wash which only takes 29 minutes.  We were only without electricity for about 5 minutes but that still meant all the wretched clocks needed resetting.
Just to put the icing on the cake the car started to play up and Mike had to shoot over to Landrover and get it fixed.  The linkage from the gear lever was in need of replacing but it only took about an hour to do so not too bad.  While he was there he replaced the wiper blades - now this will make you cough - 3 wiper blades cost £60.   They kindly fitted them for free!!!!!!and gave me a bunch of flowers and Mike was treated to coffee and doughnuts while he waited.  I think we would have been happy without the extras for a reduction in the price.
For lunch I made us some kedgeree which was a nice change and as I had made rather too much rice the dogs were pleased with my efforts also.  By the time it came to supper neither of us was hungry so we had a sausage and onion sandwich each.  Today I have two rabbits to make into pies which will keep me out of mischief.  They have been soaking in brine over night and the pastry is already made and in the freezer so that will cut down on the work. The first job will be to dismantle the rabbits and make some stock with the bones and off cuts.  Then it is on with the filling which requires the stock and must be quite cold before adding to the pastry cases.  I make them in those tinfoil containers with cardboard lids which means they can go straight into the oven when we want them.  They only take about 30 minutes for the pastry to brown as the filling is already cooked so very handy to have as a standby.
And on that happy note I am off to be a "bunny boiler"........

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