Friday and the end of another week

Still no snow here we are down to minus numbers but alas my server is down so I am typing this on to a word document which I hope I can cut and paste across when we are back up and running. 
Yesterday was perishing cold so other than a foray out to the chickens and a couple of trips to the freezer I stayed indoors and pottered in the kitchen.  I made a minestrone soup which as usual has turned out to be ample for several meals.  We had some for lunch and the rest will go into the freezer for some other occasions.  For diner I made the pheasant breast with cream and shallots which we had with mash and cabbage and very nice it was too.  I have worked out that from the four pheasants I will actually get 13 portions of food and as they are free, if you don’t count a bit of blood sweat and tears, then it is very economical.  I must admit that with the current temperatures I am very glad that there is no shoot this weekend and Basso and I can stay in the warm.

The boiler man came and we have booked a service and discussed where we need to go if we decide to have a new boiler.  The major problem is where to put a boiler as the current one is tucked neatly in the chimney and behind a gas fire.  The only really feasible place is in the airing cupboard up stairs there is no room in the kitchen and I have a tiled floor, which leaves only the garage or the loft neither of which is ideal.  Personally I am all for a new one as it will save us lots of money by being efficient.  The current boiler has a pilot light which costs us £90 pa which seem a bit crazy to me.  Mike on the other hand is not keen and would rather wait until the current boiler dies before he thinks of changing.  I can see that this will be an area that we will need to discuss more fully before a decision is made.  Anyway the guy is coming on Monday morning to do the service at which time he can inspect the boiler and give us an idea of what condition it is in.

The server is back up and running and the cut and paste worked fine.  Now I can do a bit of research on Viesmann boilers which would seem to be the way to go.
I do need to get out to the shops for a few odds and ends today and the dogs would appreciate a bit of a run so I will have to wrap up warm and brave the elements.  For lunch we are going to have some scallops with pasta and for dinner some cheese on toast.  Last night I watched Nigella and have taken down a couple of her recipes and fancy making the lemon polenta cake.  I also recorded River Cottage Bites which is a short programme with "Pam the Jam", and yesterday she was showing how to make candied peel which you dip in chocolate and give as gifts.  This really appealed to me and as it take three days to make I thought I might make a start today.  However, I need to purchase some decent oranges first as the ones in the fruit bowl have seen better days.
I hope you have steered clear of the snow unless of course you are a keen sledger!!!!
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