Early Sunday morning

I have good news and bad news, so I will start with the bad and get it over with.  RIP the dishwasher it finally gave up and flooded the kitchen floor while I was out - poor Mike had to clear it all up.  Next some good news I have picked the first few strands of Saffron from my crocuses - in about 20 years I may have enough for one risotto!!!! then on to the really good news Basso covered himself in glory yesterday.  We had gone to the shoot just as spectators but they were short of pickers up so he was roped in.  On the first drive I was standing on a muddy bank when the first bird fell some 50 feet in front of us.  Unused to the etiquette of a formal shoot Basso was off to pick it up - fortunately I had him on his lead so all that happened was that I was dragged down the bank on my bum but I did manage to stop him.  Some what undignified but no damage done.  Once the whistle was blown and the dogs were released he was off to pick up fallen birds.  He offered one to the gun who had shot it but when he didn't accept it he brought it back to me.  He also got sent for two "runners", birds that had been shot but were not dead, and much to my delight he got both of them and brought them straight back for a quick dispatch.  All in all given that this was his first formal type shoot he did very well and I was very pleased with his efforts.  So was the game keeper who gave us £10 for our efforts.  It is always a mile stone when your boy comes home with his first wage packet!!!!!!  
I thought we were in for a rotten day as when I started out in the car some wally ran straight into the back of me while I sat at the roundabout.  Fortunately there was no damage to my tank of a Land-Rover but my tow bar had made a mess of the front of his vehicle.  He was most apologetic however as there was no damage I was happy to let the incident pass, we all do stupid things at times.
We finally got home at about 4pm just as the light was fading.   Basso had a big supper then put himself to bed and became unconscious in moments, he had had quite a day!!!!  I now have 4 pheasants hanging in the garage - we were each given a brace but Sandi didn't want hers so she gave them to me.  I had made a macaroni cheese for supper and I was really ready for it, then after a hot shower I settled down to watch Merlin but passed out shortly after it started hence I am up at this ungodly hour.
Today, I am off shooting at Dover and I am please that my fall has only resulted in a pulled muscle in my thigh which is a bit painful but not enough to stop me from another day of entertainment. Lets hope I have good new after today I hope I shoot well and don't disgrace myself and embarrass Basso!!!!!
 Sandi with Yoda and Basso
"Now can I go and get the birds"

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