Wenesday and bin day

The temperature is down to 5 degrees so winter is really on its way.  I woke really early this morning but that is because I am excited my coffee machine is coming this morning and as I had a major cooking session yesterday the kitchen could use a bit of a blitz. I managed to make loads of beef stew a portion of which was for lunch the remainder is going into pies which I will do today.   I also made the mince up into the various dishes and they are all in the freezer. We are also experimenting with the dishwasher to see which is the best time to put it on so that we are using it to its maximum capacity and during daylight hours.  For lunch I have organised some stuffed squid which I can get all prepared, it then needs 45 minutes in the oven which means I can stay out of the kitchen while the men are working.  The pile of ironing didn't get done so that is something I can be getting on with.  I have no idea how long it will take them to put the machine in but if it is anything like the new oven it could be a matter of minutes.  Jane is coming today which not her normal day but she had a harvest festival to attend with her son yesterday.  This is going to cause a bit of an impasse as she normally starts with the kitchen. There is nothing like a bit of chaos to start the day!!!!
My order of 6 "Le Parfait", jars arrived yesterday so I will soon be able to make some more pate which will make good Xmas presents.  They arrived in a huge box which was largely stuffed with paper so rather than waste it I will shred it for chicken bedding.  I normally use news paper but any old thing will do, the reasoning for using paper rather than straw is that it is parasite free which is better for the hens.  I have found that they don't seem to mind whether they have a broad sheet or a red top paper.  I don't think their reading skills are up to much!!!!  the egg production is down at the moment but I think we have a couple who are moulting as there are plenty of feathers in the green house.  They had better look to their laurels or they will find themselves in the stock pot.....
Well time I made a start on some of the chores that I can get on with before the sun gets up - no pottering around in my dressing gown this morning ........

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