Wednesday morning

Blowing a gale and hosing down with rain but still very mild.  I am up very late but that is because I had a pretty late night.  I was still dancing around at 1.30 this morning and couldn't sleep for no apparent reason except, as my mother would have said "over excitement".  I hadn't done anything daft like drinking strong coffee so I was a bit put out.
Yesterday went off smoothly - Mike had a good day with lots of cards and phone calls from all our friends and family wishing him a happy birthday.  Henry and Angela had brought him a lovely bottle of Tawny Port from Portugal which will no doubt sit tight until Christmas.  Henry and I set to and made loads of pigeon breast pate which is nice and cold this morning and ready to be dealt with.  The majority is in Kilner type jars and one lot in a terrine which will go in the freezer.  We managed to get the dogs out for a quick blast before the drizzle set in for the day and also drove around to demonstrate the Tomtom Sat Nav which Henry wanted to see if he could hear any better than the sat nav  he has and is thinking of changing.  I'm not sure how successful it was as he is pretty deaf but has the most wonderful small hearing aids.  For lunch Mike got his favourite which was Hare with bitter chocolate which I served with plain boiled potatoes and a big pile of runner beans.  No one fancied desert so we deferred until tea time when we had a slice of the apple cake with our cup of tea.  For dinner we had an indoor picnic with all the bits and pieces augmented by some scrambled eggs with ceps fried in butter and rounded off with the last of the ambassador  cake and cream.
I have just dived out and put the bins out as our men come very early and we had a garage full of recycling stuff and wine bottles not to mention the remains of the pigeons all of which needs to go rather than wait a fortnight for the next opportunity.
Everyone is still in bed and we have decided to do a brunch at about 11 after which Henry and Angela will head back to Bristol and the wonderful job of unpacking their motor home which they just parked up and left so they could come and visit us.  It has been a lovely few days with a very relaxed atmosphere and a sort of grazing menu that flowed from one meal into the next with every meal a consensus decision depending how we all felt at the time.  The Parma ham making regular appearances in most meals.  We have cut the chunk in half which will go to Bristol, there is plenty left for Mike and I and I still have another half leg hanging in the garage.  Now I must get on as I want to make the lemon curd and get that jarred up ready for them to take with them.  In the mean time have a good day all ......
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