Wednesday morning and bin day

What a day to remember for the miners in Chile I have just watched the first man emerge from the mine to arms of  his loved ones.  Amid all the doom and gloom we are usually treated to in the media it is nice to have some heart-warming good news.  I was deeply impressed with the courage of the people who went down to sort the rescue from the bottom.  Once they are all out I hope the put some dynamite down the hole and blow the mine to bits and never send another soul down there again!!!!

Yesterday was a good day and plenty got done.  Jane came and worked her magic with the hoover and Mark came and gave me a hand in the garden.  The broad beans have been planted now so everything is up to date in the vegetable plot.  The runner beans have been taken down and disposed off but the chicken run still needs to be sorted out which will be the next major task.  The hens seem to have settled into their winter quarters and are laying 4 eggs a day as usual.  Both Mark and Jane left with half a dozen each and we had scrambled on toast last night so that has reduced the number some what.  For lunch we had rabbit pies and I was so impressed with the flavour that I vowed to make some more soon.  In amongst the chores I also made a braised veal tongue which needs finishing off this morning and the osso bucco is all prepared and ready to go in the oven for its 2 hours slow cooking.
More good news is that the coffee machine should be installed next Wednesday and I can say good bye to instant which is better than nothing but only just.  I also ordered some Le parfait jars as I have every intention of bottling more pate or stews.  It is such a nice way of preserving without freezing and the French have been doing it for years with cassoulet and confit duck etc.  Now that I know how to go about it there will be no stopping me.
Today I am off shooting with Shiona and Jeff and though the forecast is for cloud it is set to be dry which is all we need.  Shooting in the rain is not much fun and makes your gun wet!!!!  You would have had a good laugh the other day as my shooting bag upended in the back of the car and one cartridge rolled under the drivers seat where is got firmly jambed.  I decided that though cartridges are very stable it would be sods law for it to go off under the driver at some point which would not be funny at all.  So I grovelled about under the seat with various implements until I finally managed to get the thing out.  In future I will zip my bag shut before driving off!!!!you learn something new every day!!!!!
Welcome to Technogran - I love it when people leave comments it gives me a nice warm feeling.  I some times wonder when I am six feet under will all this bilge still be out there in the ether and will people in the future stumble upon it as some sort of social history!!!!  Will there be cyber-archiologists??????
Well that's it for this morning I am off to the kitchen to get a few bits done before I head for the shower.  Have a good one all.......

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