Tuesday morning

If only you could smell these lilies the scent is almost overpowering.  As cut flowers go I think they are my favourites along with roses, chrysanthemums and carnations.
Yesterday, was a gloriously sunny day here, cold but lovely, so once I had caught up on the chores it was out with the dogs for a nice jaunt.  We now look at sunny days in a different way and consider how much electricity we would be generating if we had our panels installed.  You can bet that once they are up we will have endless dull dark days!!!  However as this is a long term commitment the winter is not the best time to judge.
Lunch was a simple affair as I had stuff already made in the freezer so it was a case of boiling a bit of rice then adding the meat balls and a tub of tomato sauce and a good grating of parmesan cheese.  For dinner I thought we could have a cauliflower cheese as I had one that needed using up.  To go with it I had some turkey breast slices which I normally hate as they are tasteless and dry.  However after looking at the cookery course Rouxbe and studying the section on brining I decided to brine the turkey breast before cooking.  Well what a difference, the meat stayed moist and there was a bit more flavour added as the brine had a clove of garlic and some juniper added.  This is definitely a trick that I will use in future.  The cookery course I mention costs 15 dollars per month but I have the 14 day free trial which I am hammering for all I am worth as I have no intention of paying for it.  I have learned how to roast meat well and also how to sharpen my knives on a wet stone.  Some of the information I already knew but some came as news to me; the videos are very detailed and most helpful.  If you have time to spare the free trial is definitely worth a look.
Today we are forecast rain but not until the afternoon so I hope that Mark and I can get the chicken run sorted out and tidied up for its winter of lying fallow.  I also have a leg of lamb to roast, it was intended for Sunday but shooting took over, anyway it really doesn't matter when you are retired you can choose which day is for Sunday lunch.  I have no Jane today so the hoovering is down to me and it wont take me long to clean the toilets and wash the kitchen floor.  The dust can stay for a while I will tackle that some other day!!!! I find house work really boring and tedious but I do like it when it is done!!!
Well time for another cup of coffee and making a start on the preparations for the lunch - potatoes to peel etc.  I do this early so that I can cook the peeling for the hens which is just a case of popping them in the microwave for a couple of minutes.
Have a good day all before the rain hits......

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