Tuesday morning

Basso having fun on our walk yesterday.
I had a nice busy day yesterday and got lots done.  I finally planted the garlic and onions but didn't get around to planting the broad beans so they are top of the list for today.  First I will need to prepare a bed and get it clear of weeds.  I was delighted to notice that my saffron crocuses are poking their noses through the soil so I may yet be picking my own saffron come December.  I am hoping that Mark will come today and we can tackle the climbers on the fence which have gone berserk and need a firm hand to tidy them up.
I am trying to make the most of this window of good weather and get all the outdoor jobs done.  Once it turns I have a long list of indoor jobs which need doing one of which is the freezer - chaos is not to strong a word to describe the filling system.  We have a chap coming on Friday to discuss the solar panel business and while it is a green system the main driving force is financial.  Money invested at the moment is making something like 0.0000001% but solar energy shows a return of  7-10% which is a bit of a no brainer.  If we can put enough panels on the roof we could wipe out our electricity bill completely and maybe even make a bob or two selling the excess back to the grid.  We are looking at buying panels but there are schemes which allow you to rent out your roof and thereby reduce your bills around 40% for no initial outlay or maintenance cost.  Anyway, I will let you know how we get on once we have had the in depth discussions.
Now on to more mundane things what to have for lunch?  I think it is time to get out the last two rabbit pies as I am hoping to be in the garden rather than the kitchen this morning.  I really must make some more as they are a real god send when you are busy with other things.  Last evening I made a pasta dish which is in the Waitrose recipes which just requires fried breadcrumbs, anchovies and broccoli but I used a romanesco cauliflower which worked just as well.  Quick easy tasty and filling, what more can you ask.  I don't know if any of you watched the master chef professionals last night but they were asked to cook a mussel soup which really appealed to me so I am now going to track down the recipe while I wait for the sun to rise.

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