Tuesday morning and Mikes birthday

First lets start with yesterday.  Our visitors arrived on the dot of 5pm and after an initial cup of tea we got stuck into a demonstration of the iPad, well I think I should be an Apple salesman.  Actually you don't need to sell the thing it sells itself.  When people see what it can do they are absolutely gob smacked and can't leave it alone.  Eventually, we got hungry so a bottle of wine was opened and the Parma ham from the garage was brought down and duly carved.  Well an entire plateful disappeared helped down with some sliced peach in lieu of melon or figs. I guess the months of waiting have proved that it is definitely worth trying to make your own.  Following this protracted starter we got stuck into the cold chicken and pate that they had brought with them.  The chicken needed eating so it was only sensible that they brought it with them and the pate was one that Henry had made some time ago.  This was followed by the Ambassador cake that I had made when the beautiful black cherries were in season.  It is extremely rich and you need a good slosh of cream to help it down as the chocolate is very strong.  The rest of the evening fizzled away in wine and conversation.  The dogs gave up and went to bed and shortly we followed their example having made sufficient plans to last about three weeks not three days.  As I sat in bed I had a quick check of the Email and low and behold a lovely Birthday greeting from our friends in France who have been keeping tabs on us via the blog...Some times I forget that people other than Joy and Anne read this drivel....
Today, we are possibly going to make pate or maybe not, we are going to the art exhibition or maybe not, we may go to Bluewater or maybe not, we are having the hare for lunch or maybe supper, the ceps will be for either breakfast or maybe supper, and so the day goes on.... No doubt we will firm up the plans over breakfast and decide exactly what we want to do.  One thing is for certain the dogs could use a short run and I am sure a bit of fresh air would do us all some good.  I will make a start by emptying the dishwasher so we have a fresh start for the day.  Despite the weather forecast of doom and gloom it is not raining at present and looks quite pleasant with a light breeze and general over cast sky.
Well have a good day folks I know I will whatever we decide to do.....

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